03 Mar 2011

The Growth Coach Way – Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable to Release Real Wealth

Wealthy entrepreneurs and other successful professionals have a key trait in common … they get comfortable with being uncomfortable. In spite of fear, discomfort, doubt and uncertainties, they still take action. They don’t let such uncomfortable feelings derail them. They dare to stretch and leave their comfort zone and take ACTION on a consistent basis.  Do you?

Serving several thousand small business clients each and every year, The Growth Coach franchise system has observed first-hand that smart entrepreneurs choose to embrace being uncomfortable so that they can pursue big goals, big opportunities and big rewards. These owners choose not to tremble in the face of obstacles and risks.  Do they still feel the discomfort?  Absolutely … but they still take action. In spite of fear or being out of their comfort zone, they still get moving.  Once moving, their fears and discomfort dissipate.  As an owner and leader, do you take action despite your fears and mental discomfort?  If not, what could that be costing you and your business?

Specifically, wealthy entrepreneurs have figured out the secret … a person’s comfort zone equals their wealth zone. To get to the next level of success, wealth and happiness, a person must continually leave their comfort zone (status quo, habits, limiting beliefs, knowledge base, skill level, etc.) and try new activities, learn new things, meet new people, take reasonable risks, and seize opportunities.  They must stretch.  That’s The Growth Coach way.  There is no additional financial growth unless there is personal growth. If you stop growing, so does your business.

Put bluntly, if you aren’t willing to get uncomfortable at times, you are not growing and neither will your wealth.  As we stress at The Growth Coach, your income and wealth will grow only to the extent you grow and challenge yourself.  If you don’t grow (your knowledge, mindsets, skills and habits), your business won’t grow, your structure/systems won’t grow, your employees won’t grow, sales won’t grow and your personal income won’t grow.  If you are not expanding your comfort zone, you are reducing your leadership, business and wealth potential.

The only time you are really growing, learning, developing, stretching and living life fully is when you leave your comfort zone and its false sense of security.  Don’t let your comfort zone box you in and limit your income and life! Like an apple tree, the abundance of your fruit will depend upon if you are growing or not.  All things in nature have a desire to grow to survive.  Why would you be any different?

If you make being comfortable one of your chief priorities in life, you can ensure yourself of mediocrity and average income. Why?  Because you will not seize upon appropriate opportunities and take reasonable risks.  You will play the game of business and life on the safe side.  As such, you will not expand your risk tolerance, mindsets, knowledge, mindsets, and habits.  You will imprison yourself in a limiting state of comfort.  Your rewards in life will be restricted!

The Growth Coach works with thousands of small business owners each year wanting to get more out of their businesses and lives.  These entrepreneurs are already successful but simply want even more … to take things to the next level, to have greater balance, more freedom, and less hassles and headaches.  They are aware enough to realize that there is a GAP in their world … the distance between where they are now and where they truly want to be.  Maybe they desire to work less, earn more and enjoy richer lives.  To achieve that, they know they have to change.  They have to be open to adopting new mindsets, strategies and habits.  The Growth Coach business coaching and accountability process helps business owners to continually stretch and grow their comfort zone, fulfillment zone, and wealth zone. Go for growth; get a coach.

The Growth Coach can dramatically help you and your business, that is unless you already have a perfect business and life. If you don’t … and who really does … wake up to better possibilities.  Have an open mind.  Realize that you may NOT have all the answers.

For those of you not open to business coaching or other types of help, be warned.  If you think professional business coaching is not for you or too expensive, think about the true costs of the status quo … doing the same old things and getting the same old results.

Consider participating in some business coaching or a peer group and start looking for other opportunities to stretch beyond your comfort zone.  Your wealth depends on it!

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