24 Feb 2011

15-Question Business Owner Quiz … Do You Own a Real Business or a Demanding Job?

This Growth Coach business coaching blog will be quite simple.  It will consist of a series of fifteen tough business coaching questions every small business owner should answer for himself/herself.  Find out if you truly own a business or simply a demanding job. Be brutally honest and face your current reality … the ways things truly are … not how or what you wish them to be.

If you can’t answer “YES” to a vast majority of the questions below, unfortunately, you are a prisoner to your business … I mean to your demanding job. If that’s the case, you should seek some business coaching help so you can learn how to work less, earn more and enjoy a richer life. It is very possible to have a great business and life with the right mindset, actions and on-going coaching and accountability.

After these fifteen questions, you will meet a business owner on a short 3-minute video who discovered a powerful business coaching process that allowed him to say “YES” to each and every one of these questions and dramatically improve his business and personal life.  In fact, with the proper structure and systems in place, he was able to leave his business for seven weeks and came back to find it running as smoothly and prosperously as when he left.  Could you do that now with your present business?  Could you even do a work-free, quilt-free three-week vacation?  If not, set a goal to make that happen.

Here are some tough-love business coaching questions for you to answer honestly:

  • Are you constantly growing as a leader and owner?
  • Have you sufficiently differentiated yourself from your business and established a proper level of separation?
  • Are you working more “on” your business than “in” your business?
  • Have you taken yourself out of the “business details” and replaced yourself with systems and other people?
  • As an owner, are you able to work mainly on the things you truly enjoy and are good at doing?
  • Have you learned to dramatically reduce your working hours?
  • Have you learned to dramatically increase your free time and family time…time away from the business?
  • Have you increased your overall enjoyment of life and business ownership?
  • Do you regularly pull away from the details of the business and properly reflect on the big picture?
  • Do you regularly and systematically slow down, face reality and set new business/personal goals?
  • Do you have the proper discipline, structure and accountability in place to achieve such goals?
  • When you leave work at the end of the day, does your work truly stay at work?
  • When at home are you truly “at home” and in the “present moment” with family and friends?
  • Do you have the proper structure, systems, people, and delegation mindset in place to provide you with true flexibility and freedom?
  • Can you leave your business for seven weeks and return to discover that it continued to prosper in your absence?  (that’s truly having a systems-dependent instead of an owner-dependent business)

Did you answer the vast majority of these questions with a solid “YES”?.  If not, seek some business coaching help as soon as possible.  You deserve to get more out of business and life.

Watch this 3-minute video to the very end to discover how a business owner was able to finally answer “YES” to all the questions above after he learned to alter his mindset, priorities, focus and habits:

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