17 Jun 2010

Business Owners – Control Freak No More: Picking Your No. 2 Person

Sarah Needleman, small business reporter and columnist at The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), did a fantastic job with a very relevant and meaningful topic for small business owners … how to pick your second-in-command. Every small business owner at one time or another has felt overworked, overwhelmed and like a prisoner to their business.  Most owners eventually hit a wall but only the wise ones decide to put more systems in place and hire a second-in-command to lighten the load and regain some freedom, flexibility and peace-of-mind.

As Sarah joked, “Where would Batman be without Robin?”  Is it time for you to find your own side-kick, your Number 2 person, your right-hand person?  He or she doesn’t need to be a super hero, just the right person for you and your company.  The article below deals with finding that right person as well as issues around leadership, small business management, delegation, and even succession planning.  The article should be read and considered by every entrepreneur.

Because we coach several thousand small business owners each year, The Growth Coach was very pleased to be part of this important topic and share our insights and expertise.  As a business coaching franchise system, we are in over 140 markets helping small business owners seize opportunities and overcome such challenges.  Because of this, we know that Sarah’s article will help to effectively open the hearts and minds of countless small business owners struggling to do it all on their own.  WSJ on-line gets an incredible 8 million unique visitors each month.

Here is a link to The Wall Street Article: Control Freak No More: Picking Your No. 2 Person

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