14 Jun 2010

Growth Coach Helping Entrepreneurs to Battle Business Owner Burnout

The Growth Coach, a North American business coaching franchise system (www.TheGrowthCoach.com), serves several thousand small business owners and professionals each and every year.  Very often, before these entrepreneurs get proper coaching help, they struggle with feeling overworked, overwhelmed and like prisoners to their business. Instead of running the business, the business runs them … quite often ragged and nearly to exhaustion.

For these tired owners, typically lacking proper business systems and leadership approaches, growing complexity, confusion and chaos creep into their daily work days causing them to lose confidence and lose focus on their vision, direction and priorities. They end up working crazy hours but unfortunately on the wrong type of low-value work we call “clutter”.  If not properly addressed, such entrepreneurs truly risk Business Owner Burnout. Can you relate to this?

Because of The Growth Coach’s track record of helping entrepreneurs battle business owner burnout throughout North America, we were approached by the very popular and credible American Express Open Forum to help them develop a very timely, relevant and meaningful article on this prevalent and painful condition impacting millions of small business owners.

The Growth Coach was very excited to help contribute our client service and coaching expertise to this cause.  Anne Field, the writer, did a terrific job. Here is a link to the American Express Open Forum article How to Battle Business Burnoutso you can gain some practical insights and strategies: http://www.openforum.com/idea-hub/topics/managing/article/how-to-battle-business-burn-out-anne-field

Additionally, our free 150-page e-book Becoming a Strategic Business Owner addresses the causes of and cures for Business Owner Burnout on a much deeper level.  Click here for our popular business coaching book.

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