02 Feb 2012

Referrals : All it Takes is a Question




Referrals from customers play a major role in the success of your business. They already have some faith and trust in the credibility of your business. Referrals are the prospects to really pay attention to. Are you? All it takes to start is a single question. Ask your satisfied customers if they know anyone who would benefit from your services. Here are some simple steps to help you focus more on how to seek out and obtain referrals.



After you have finished providing services to your client, make a short follow-up call. Ask them if they received the value they expected and how satisfied they were with your business. If they were satisfied, feel free to go ahead and ask if they know anyone else who may be interested. Explain that referrals are important to the success of your business, but do not attempt to force them into it. There should be no pressure on your client.

Here are some additional ways to ask for a referral

  • Customer feedback or satisfaction surveys
  • Message on invoices
  • Customer letters (add a PS at the end)
  • Signature line for customer emails 
  • Website

Maintaining Referrals

Once you’ve received a referral, don’t  stop there. Make sure you continue to build a relationship with your happy customers. Take time to thank and reward those who have referred new customers to you. Building a strong relationship with your referral sources means more referrals and greater success.

Here are a few different ways to show your appreciation.

  • Cash rewards
  • Gift  Cards
  • Free Additional Services
  • Thank You Cards

It doesn’t have to have a monetary value. Just demonstrating that you are thankful can be enough.

Go Beyond Customers.

Although customers have first-hand experience with you and your company, they are not the end of your resources. Who are the other advocates for your business? Family, friends, vendors, suppliers and strategic alliances all be good sources for referral. Educate and engage them as well.

Take the time to talk to any potential advocates about your services and what you offer to your customers. How do you help them and how can you help others? Explain the problems you can solve and why they should choose you.

13 thoughts on “Referrals : All it Takes is a Question”

  1. It’s always good to have some connection with the customers and create professional relationships with them as they are the proof of satisfied service you offer as a business. I agree with this.

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