06 Jan 2011

Forty Simple Suggestions for a Prosperous and Fulfilling 2011

This Growth Coach Blog is the final installment of the Twitter Trilogy (Part III).  As in the prior two blogs, I decided to leverage some of my business coaching tips and small business advice I’ve posted on Twitter the past 12 months.  I reviewed hundreds and hundreds of my Twitter messages (Tweets) from twitter.com/GrowthCoachCorp and selected 40 professional coaching “sound bites” I felt could challenge, motivate, educate and benefit business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in 2011.  Consider these “coaching bursts” as your personal challenges from your professional business coach, personal growth coach or executive coach.

Since a given Tweet can only be 140 characters long, I used a few abbreviations as you will see … most are very intuitive.  Please read these mini-coaching suggestions and strategies and select 3-5 that make sense for you and your business to implement immediately. Consider printing out this Growth Coach Blog and circle the ones you wish to follow-up with and/or discuss with your team.

As your virtual Growth Coach, I hope these brief business coaching messages allow you the opportunity to examine your business, your leadership effectiveness and your personal life.

  1. For 2011, what actions do you need to STOP doing, START doing, do LESS of, or do MORE of?
  2. Do you always need to BE right or would you rather GET it right? Let go of the ego and be open to better ideas.
  3. Do quick, 15-minute “team huddles” with your EMPs 2-3 times a week … provide them w/ CLARITY & EMPOWERMENT.
  4. Blaming the economy or others?  If so, you are giving away all your power to make course corrections.
  5. Gather all your key advisers in a single meeting to get everyone on the same page and focused on improving your biz.
  6. Whatever frustrates you about your biz is a warning sign of a missing or broken system that needs attention.
  7. The biggest breakthroughs occur when you take 100% responsibility for your results; no excuses, no blaming.
  8. Stop measuring your progress against perfection.  Occasionally look back to see how far you’ve come.
  9. Valuable Product + Great Marketing + Effective Systems + Good EMPs + Real Leadership = Success.  Where can you improve?
  10. What do you want your business to be famous for?  Have a singular focus and stand for something … not everything.
  11. If you aren’t taking proper action in key biz areas, ask “what am I afraid of ?” Surface sabotaging fears/excuses.
  12. If you reward EMPs’ good behavior, it will be repeated. BUT, if you ignore bad behavior, it too will be repeated.
  13. To change your external world (results), you must first change your internal world (mindset/beliefs). Got coaching?
  14. Worrying is the misuse of your imagination. You are focusing on what you DON’T want to happen instead of what you DO want.
  15. To maximize your wealth, you must become the least important person to your biz’s daily operations.  Get out of the weeds.
  16. Got excuses? They are comforting lies we tell ourselves to avoid responsibility & rationalize poor results.
  17. Whatever tasks you dislike and/or stink at doing, either delete, delegate or outsource them. Go with your strengths.
  18. Don’t just think “How can we gain?” but instead “How may we better serve?” Givers gain in the long run.
  19. Remember, companies don’t improve … it’s your people, practices & processes that improve. Focus there.
  20. A free e-book to help entrepreneurs to work less, earn more and enjoy a richer life > http://bit.ly/C4att
  21. Don’t dwell on the state of the economy; rather, focus on your MENTAL STATE. That will improve your personal economy.
  22. What FUN activities can you plan in the next 90 days to re-charge your battery, spirit & creativity?
  23. Entrepreneur, your job is to create jobs for others, not more jobs for yourself. Lead your business & delegate!
  24. Focus on your areas of brilliance. What are your top 3 money-making talents? Use them 80% of the time!
  25. If you have an “income ceiling” or “lack of leverage” related to what you do, wealth accumulation is nearly impossible.
  26. Stuck in the past? Don’t let your glory days be behind you. Make your FUTURE bigger, bolder & brighter than your past.
  27. Focus on TODAY. It’s the decisions you make & the actions you take TODAY that will shape your future.
  28. Entrepreneur, to become more “effective”, you must learn to say “no” to people/things that waste your time.
  29. Focus your biz on what it does best … at the intersection of passion, performance, and profits.
  30. Are you having enough “uncomfortable conversations” with your team? Get real and stop sugar-coating issues.
  31. What major decision have you been putting off? It’s costing you money & peace of mind. DECIDE & ACT now.
  32. Remember, your EMPs are not paid for time, effort, attitude, or anything else … they are paid for RESULTS.
  33. Living with purpose? Easy test: If you had all the money you needed, would you still be doing what you are doing now?
  34. Money is attracted to decisiveness & speed. Are you pulling the trigger on new initiatives or procrastinating?
  35. Successful entrepreneurs are successful due to their successful habits. Habits matter! What habits do you need to change?
  36. Don’t deny or dismiss your negative feelings … they function as your wake-up call. Heed them and make changes.
  37. Want to be a more successful business owner? Hang around more successful business owners … learn their mindsets & habits.
  38. People will pay you exactly what YOU think you are worth. Raise your self-esteem & your fees!!
  39. You can either spend time making money or making excuses. Your choice.
  40. Accept criticism as a gift. Be willing to unwrap the layers of emotions to get to the profitable feedback.

I hope these short but powerful messages got you to reflect and think about your business, leadership and personal life.  Without identifying 3-5 things to work on starting today, nothing will change.  Again, print this Growth Coach blog and circle the Vital Few items to follow up on your own or to share with your team. Please visit our Twitter account at twitter.com/GrowthCoachCorp and regularly follow The Growth Coach to get your daily dose of profitable advice, practical strategies, and business coaching.  Here are a few other resources for you to consider:

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