27 Nov 2014

Slow Down, Reflect and Give Thanks this Thanksgiving

In honor of Thanksgiving, this Growth Coach blog is focused on the importance of giving thanks. First of all, I wish you and your family a very relaxing and blessed Thanksgiving and may you truly recognize and count your many blessings today and on a regular basis. It’s important to regularly slow down, reflect, and appreciate all the wonderful people and simple pleasures you have in your life.

To get started, let’s face reality. If it’s been a tough year, you’re probably feeling less thankful, grateful and appreciative of your business and more anxious and irritated. Ask yourself, are you focusing more on your burdens than your blessings? Are you giving more time to your problems than your opportunities? Business may still be rough, but the special people and simple things closest to our hearts still exist and are close at hand. Isn’t that so? What matters most is still available for us to recognize, love, enjoy and appreciate. Don’t let turbulent times blind you.

We all just need to burn off the fog of adversity and negativity to gain a better perspective and clearly see our true and meaningful wealth, not just our monetary wealth. Slow down, catch your breath, reflect, and count your bountiful blessings this Thanksgiving. This will help recharge your spirit, confidence, energy level, positive attitude, and sense of clarity – all essential for greater success.

So, my fellow business owner, entrepreneur or professional, who and what specifically are you thankful for? I am thankful for all our passionate franchise owners who serve and help several thousand small business clients each and every year. I am also grateful for all our dedicated Growth Coach employees, vendors, and advisers who help support our critical mission of improving communities around the world by helping the entrepreneurs in those communities achieve greater success in their businesses and balance in their lives. What we do makes a real difference, touches lives, and is very fulfilling.

What are you really thankful for this year? Go ahead, slow down and think about it. Many goal-oriented, hard-charging and successful professionals have a hard time slowing down to reflect and count their blessings. They tend to be focused on the next goal, next sale, next project, next result… They seldom stop to smell the roses, enjoy their victories, look back at their progress or count their good fortunes. Take time this Thanksgiving to truly give thanks.

Nathan Owens

President of The Growth Coach

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