Recent Testimonials

Lucy Dadlani, M.Ed.
Certified Life Coach - The Coaching Associates, LLC
I was talking to one of my coaching clients, and he said, “Lucy you don’t need a coach; you’ve got the magic!” As gifted as I am at helping others get results, I was not monetizing. I’ve been working with Moe for one month, and I’m already putting systems into place to grow my newly branded business, ‘Lighten with Lucy’. Moe is an extremely effective educator, coach, and entrepreneur. I cannot imagine making these remarkable changes without his guidance and every-step-of-the-way support. I’m very thankful to have finally made the decision to invest in myself, and to be working with Dr. Mahmoud Elhussini, The Growth Coach Allentown-Somerville.
Katie Mnichowski
Financial Services Provider
It has been an incredible process and journey with Moe! In the brief time we have been working together he has provided exceptional one on one coaching and support. I am beginning to see the fruits of both of our efforts not only with my clients but as well potential business partners I speak to and work with. Moe is truly a wise man and his expertise as a Growth Coach is beyond anything I have experienced or could have imagined. He is the kindest, giving and caring person and from day one it is absolutely apparent he is 100% invested in myself and the success of my business. His love for what he does and all those lives he has the privilege of changing is priceless.
Elario Dalmas, II
Quest Engines LLC
I needed to learn what I didn’t know fast and advance our business just as fast. Moe has been invaluable in teaching interpersonal business skills and making meaningful business connections for our start-up within the Lehigh Valley. We were stuck and Moe has helped us move forward again within a couple of weeks.
Lisa P.
Green Pond Packaging
My experience is Moe has been very insightful and motivational. Driving me to; finish the unfinished; seek greater emotional connections with my customers; and to focus on my value. Thank you, Moe, as a friend and a growth coach.

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