04 Dec 2019

Three Ways to Stay Focused on Success

“Work smarter, not harder.” It’s a common saying and we hear it all the time. It’s true – and some people have absolutely mastered it – but sometimes working smarter is challenging, especially when you’re a business owner with projects, requests and questions coming at you from every direction. Here are three tactics that, when used together, can help you work smarter and keep your focus on the success of your business.

Identify Priorities

While everyone might think their individual project or request is the most pressing, sometimes business owners have to set priorities and make those priorities clear. By working on too many things at once, you spread yourself too thin to be effective. By setting your priorities, communicating those with your team and staying focused on the most important priorities first, you can keep your focus and work more efficiently.

Stay on Task

This might sound like blasphemy but… it’s OK to turn off your email and close Facebook for a few hours. When you’re knee-deep in working on a project, even the small ‘bing’ from your email can be distracting enough to pull you out of the zone. To be more effective, set aside specific times to work on the projects in front of you so you can stay focused and stay on task. If your project is a larger, more time-consuming task, set timers and deadlines to allow yourself to work on that project in chunks rather than haphazardly throughout the day.

Delegate When You Can

Owning a business is a demanding career, but you can’t be in the weeds and on the outside planning, strategizing, brainstorming and innovating. Create systems and processes others can follow and then delegate to your team whenever you can. There are only so many hours in the day and, if you’re spending half your day on accounting or making widgets, you’re not out there growing your business and thinking about the future.

Having priorities, staying on task and delegating will not only help you improve your business, but it will also help get you out of the business so you can focus on future growth rather than the daily grind. If this is something you’re not sure how to do, your local Growth Coach can help: https://www.thegrowthcoach.com/what-we-do/strategic-business-mindset.

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