01 Sep 2011

The Power of A Positive Mindset


Why do some people succeed where other’s do not? What identifiable characteristics do successful people share that distinguishes them from everyone else, whether in their business or personal lives? Let me suggest that many traits, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors can influence success but in general, three are worthy of additional consideration:

– Positive Mindset

– Passionate Attitudes and Beliefs

– Persistent Determination

Today we are going to focus on Positive Mindset. Keeping a positive outlook can be the key to success in all your business ventures. Have you been living with a negative mindset? It affects more than just your business; the wrong mindset can be detrimental to all areas of your life. Why do we allow ourselves to fall into negative mindset and what can you do to change yours today?

Studies have shown that people who are positive in their outlook tend to have more sustained energy, are healthier, when ill tend to heal quicker, enjoy life more and live longer. So why is it that so many of us struggle to be positive? We understand the benefits but we struggle when we try to internalize and implement it. Why? One reason for many is their lack of confidence in themselves. The feeling of inadequacy, the lack of competence, the thought that what we offer might not be of value to others.

We want to believe but we doubt ourselves. As a result, we are often unable to face our own fears, we succumb to the pressure and before we know it we’re making excuses. We place the blame everywhere but where it should be – on ourselves. We lose focus, we lose objectivity and most importantly we have surrendered accountability. We let our own limiting beliefs stop us in our tracks. On the other hand, if we maintain a “can do” attitude, it becomes easier to take action. And as we all know, it is impossible to achieve any measure of success or happiness without taking action.

Challenge yourself, will you see the ‘glass” as half empty or half full?  In our next blog, we’ll look at the second P — Passionate Attitudes and Beliefs — and focus on why they are key characteristics in successful people.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of A Positive Mindset”

  1. Encouraged by the post! The necessity for a positive mindset is just so darn true. Especially now in the economic environment we find ourselves in. Are you going to be one of those people that resigns themselves to the fact that we can’t possibly succeed in this economy? Or are you going to decide that what’s happening around you has much less to do with your success than what’s happening inside you? I choose to work on me and my mindset and let that guide me mile after mile in this marathon called successful small business ownership.

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