07 Nov 2013

The Growth Coach Says Thank You to Veterans

It’s always important to thank the members of our military for the work they do every day, but it’s especially crucial on Veterans Day. So first let us take a moment to say THANK YOU to all of our veteran franchise owners and clients as well as all our veterans through the United States. Each and every one of you is a vital part of protecting freedom in America and around the world and we appreciate it!

Lisa Carr
Lisa Carr

In honor of Veterans Day, The Growth Coach would like to highlight a few of our franchise owners with military backgrounds and show why they think the company is a great option for veterans.

One of our newest owners, Lisa Carr, just retired from the military and learned about The Growth Coach during her exit process. In addition the leadership and training experience she brings to her franchise, she also provides a different perspective for her clients.

“Our office team offered educational opportunities through venues such as classroom and seminars. We delivered these offerings all across the United States and abroad. Working the relationships to set up and deliver these sessions successfully has provided me with insight that will be extremely beneficial to The Growth Coach of New Hampshire,” Carr said. “I’ll be able to help my clients see the broader picture – the global picture – of the struggles they’re facing and they improvements they can make moving forward.”

Tahera Lloyd
Tahera Lloyd

Another veteran, Tahera Lloyd, turned to The Growth Coach as a way to start an encore career, own a business and make a positive impact on her community of Pearland, Texas.

“When I left the military, I didn’t want to turn around and get a job working for someone else. In the military, we play hard, but we work even harder and we know business comes first. As a Growth Coach owner with my husband Phil, I know my work will make a difference and we’ll be the ones to reap the benefits,” she said.

Dan Gilbert, also a recent owner and veteran, helped expand the company to his territory of Gastonia, North Carolina.

“The accountability mindset of The Growth Coach is very familiar with what you learn in the military. It’s about stepping up and doing something – getting out of something what you put into it – and that’s perfectly suited for someone who has been in the military,” he said. “The Growth Coach is different because the coaching strategy is based in reality. There are no quick fixes. We meet the customers where they are and the success of both of us is driven by mutual hard work.”

Dan Gilbert
Dan Gilbert

Gilbert said veterans, especially those who recently left the service, also will find that the structure of the company includes a welcome support system reminiscent of a military base.

“At The Growth Coach, you have a strong network of people and systems intended to help you succeed. It’s certainly not the same as working or living on a base, but you can always pick up the phone and ask someone for help or for advice. The company is there for you. It’s not dog-eat-dog because it’s all about mutual success. My success as The Growth Coach of Gastonia doesn’t negatively affect another owner in another territory and that creates a great community among owners,” he said.

For more information or to learn about opening your own Growth Coach, visit www.TheGrowthCoach.com or call 855-300-COACH.

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