11 Apr 2013

The Growth Coach franchise celebrates 10th anniversary

When Dan Murphy started business coaching in 1992, it was his mission to help small business owners gain more success, personal balance, and free time.  He was passionate about helping them discover greater clarity, focus and better strategies to earn more, work less and enjoy richer lives.

“Small business owners have always been my heroes,” he said. “When you help an owner and business improve, all of the employees and their families are better off, and so are their suppliers, customers and entire community … the positive ripple effect of business coaching is immense and extremely satisfying.”

That positive impact, combined with Murphy’s desire to serve more business leaders across the country, is why he decided to expand the company nationwide by selling the first Growth Coach franchise to Tim Shepelak of Cincinnati in 2003. Now, with business and sales coaches in more than 140 national and international markets, The Growth Coach is celebrating their 10th anniversary of franchising.

“We wouldn’t be here without our proven coaching and marketing systems, our passionate coaches and corporate staff, and the continued success and support of tens of thousands of clients,” Murphy said. “I want to thank everyone associated with The Growth Coach for helping us reach this milestone.”

The Growth Coach continues to be the only franchise system focused on pure business and sales coaching with the sole purpose of helping drive success while balancing the lives of businesses owners and their sales and management teams through group workshops and one-to-one coaching. The Growth Coach has been listed among the top 500 franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine for the last consecutive eight years and was ranked the #1 business coaching/consulting franchise by the same publication for 2013. Entrepreneur Magazine also just listed The Growth Coach as a top home-based franchise.

Tim Shepelak said the decision to become the first franchise owner was easy once he saw Murphy’s passion for serving clients, his vision for the franchise system, and how robust their coaching and marketing systems were. Today, Tim owns 5 Growth Coach territories throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  “Tim is living the dream, providing tremendous value to clients, making a huge difference in his communities, having fun on his journey, and I couldn’t be more proud of him,” Murphy stated.

“I knew the marketplace need was huge, that our intellectual property would provide clients with a high return-on-investment, and that I would enjoy serving and helping others reach their potential.  I also knew The Growth Coach franchise had developed something very powerful and unique…an effective and highly leveraged way to coach groups of clients instead of merely one-to-one,” Shepelak said.

“Buying that first franchise really came down to trust in the executive team, the value of the coaching and marketing systems, and that we help clients in both their professional and personal lives I think what sets us apart from anyone else is that we are so effective at helping clients make lasting behavioral changes to achieve breakthrough results,” he said.

Two years after that first franchise and with dozens more in place, Fred Kusch started his own Growth Coach in Wisconsin for similar reasons.

“The Growth Coach is different because of the message and the vision really focuses on helping people. We, as Growth Coaches, help people love life, business and work again. We help clients find that all important balance – and getting paid to do that is just icing on the cake,” he said.

“I believe every effort is made to walk the talk in this company. People want to make money, but for our leaders and successful franchise owners, it’s always about doing that for the right reasons,” Kusch said.

“While I am pleased with our progress the first 10 years, we have miles to go before we rest.  It pains me greatly to know there are way too many small business owners, managers and sales professionals throughout North America who need our help now but we unfortunately don’t have a Growth Coach located nearby.  As such, I’m dedicated to never-ending innovation and growing our franchise system to at least 300 franchise owners in the next 5-7 years to improve the businesses and lives of tens of thousands of additional small business clients.  That’s my mission and calling and it’s strong as ever, said Murphy.”


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