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Business Coaching
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Business Coaching at a Distance
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Strategic Manager Testimonial
Strategic Manager Testimonial - youtube Video

Recent Testimonials

Jeff K.
Director of Sales - Protect-o-Burn
Steve is so prepared for any issue that I was facing. Great knowledge in sales, business practices and strategy. I really enjoyed his teaching.
Suzonne Crockett, EdD
Associate Dean Academic Affairs - Lamar State College Orange
Steve’s Strategies for improving Satisfaction and Success even in tough times speaking event changed my life. The time I shared with him was reviving. It changed my life because I not only heard what he said but it saturated my soul. Thank you for the revival.
Aaron K.
Corporate Asset Manager
In regards to Strategic Manager Program, I saw a productivity increase in myself for sure. It also helped me communicate with others on the team better. As you know communication was a huge bullet point for our company as a whole.
Ryan O.
General Manager
With regard to the Strategic Manager Program, I would say the biggest impact that it had on me was getting the team to work together when conflict arises by talking through the problem and be able to come up with a solution by themselves without me having to step in. I have found in the few months since I have been GM the entire team has been more calm, next to no ‘drama’ and willing to work more as a team and actually feels like a professional work environment again.  I look forward to the next step in this program!
Lance Mutschink
Partner - Pinch Transportation
Steven, thank you for coming. Our team walked away with some great tools that we can use in the upcoming 2020 year. The feedback was overwhelming and very positive. Again, you knocked a home run coaching our teams. Thank you!
Robin Farris
Branch Client Services - Allen Wealth Management
I just sat through two workshops where Steven Beers facilitated our organization in making significant decisions with regard to our Mission and Values Statements. He is professional in his approach but finds a unique way to bring humor into what can be a challenging, thought-provoking session. Steven is great at getting a group off of high-center and moving forward through the day so that all planned objectives are met. His expert facilitation skills led our group to think beyond the norm and reach for lasting, effective strategic decisions. I highly recommend Steven Beers for your next strategic session.
James Martin
Owner - Martin Designs 76
I have been working with Steven Beers for the last four months and have been nothing but pleased. My business owner confidence and drive have both increased more than expected. Steven has given me new ideas to put into effect that have worked to expand my business and I am so glad to be working with and will continue to do so!
Erin Callahan
Attorney - The Law Office of Erin C Callahan, J.D.
I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of coaches through my volunteer role as President and Chair for a non profit plus as an attorney. Growth Coach nationally has great content but Steven also brings a unique approach to his Coaching and workshops. Steven is one of those rare individuals that is a ‘big picture thinker’ and a ‘details oriented thinker.’ This is critical when you are a Coach. I find it helpful in strategic planning sessions and workshops when he was able to help me take the big picture strategic plan and break it down into SMART Goals or KPI’s. I highly recommend you reach out to Steven!
Elena Castagnola
Payroll Manager - Enercorp Sand Solutions
I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the positive impact you have made in a very short period. You clearly demonstrate a level of knowledge and experience and most important, passion for what you do. By actioning on what I’ve learned, I have been able to improve my overall outlook in my professional and personal life.
Lance Mutschink
Vice President & Partner - Pinch Transportation
These guys are in for some great coaching! Steve is engaged in our Pinch team and does an amazing job!
Aurora Chalbaud-Schmidt
Corporate Director of Human Resources - Enercorp
Thank you for your partnership Steve. Your flexibility in location, timing and delivery makes a big difference.
Sarah Bown
Business Development Manager - Caring Transitions of Northwest Houston
Steve is an amazing resource for me as a business owner. He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and an excitement about the growth of my business that matches my own. When I need guidance or someone to hold me to task, I can always count on Steve to be there. Steve keeps me focus and reminds me to reach farther than I do on my own.
Emily Ellis
Executive Director - The Hope & Healing Place
Steven is helping me focus on areas that are in need of improvement and presenting it in bite size pieces – making it less overwhelming. I feel listened to and supported in my job frustrations.
Dan Hayden
General Manager - EnerCorp Sand Solutions
This first section of this course was absolutely the one of the best classes I’ve taken yet! Having your knowledge and experience makes the difference. It’s inspiring and so much more influential coming from real life experience.
Faun D.
Owner - Caring Transitions Northern Arizona
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my experience with the Growth Coach.  I just love Steve Beers.  He has been so supportive, challenging, helps me be accountable, positive, and just all around instrumental in helping me remain balanced while still having a growth mindset.

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