23 May 2013

  Have more clothes than closet space? Buy an armoire. Not enough cabinets for your dishes? Think about getting a baker’s rack. Books piling up on your nightstand? Maybe you need a bookshelf. It’s easy enough to look around your home, see things that need organized and take action. So why is it so hard to do when it comes to your business? I’m not talking about the papers on your ...

11 Oct 2012

Too many business owners spend all their time and effort working in their business and not on it. The problem is that when you work in your business, you treat it like a job and yourself like a technician. As a CEO, you should not be doing the job of a technician. Technicians can be hired and replaced. Your role as a business owner is irreplaceable. Are you acting like it? If you were ...

09 Dec 2010

As a business owner, are you always doing the entrepreneurial time warp? You know, repeatedly jumping back and forth between your past and future, seldom operating in the present. Probably so.  As a CPA and professional business coach for over 25 years, I have witnessed up close how small business owners are fascinated with time travel, frequently visiting their PAST and their FUTURE, b...

02 Dec 2010

At The Growth Coach, a North American business coaching franchise system, we come face-to-face with tens of thousands of small business clients, prospects, referral sources, and alliance partners each and every year. Over the last few years, especially in The United States, we have seen that the tough economy and slow recovery have taken a financial, emotional and mental toll on many ent...

25 Nov 2010

This Growth Coach Blog is focused on the importance of giving thanks.  Pretty fitting given that today is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays because it's simple, pure, honest, and all about loved ones and giving thanks.  As your virtual business coach, I wish you and your family a very relaxing and blessed Thanksgiving ... and may you truly recognize and count your many blessings ...

18 Nov 2010

When beginning a business, always start with the end in mind.  Eventually, you will one day want to sell your business ... that's how substantial wealth is created. Also, there is usually a time when the original founder needs to step aside and let the business evolve and grow to a much higher level.  Therefore, even if you have owned a business for years, you should gradually be getting...

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