18 Jul 2013

This week's blog features a post written by Glenn Smith, the Owner and CEO of The Growth Coach in Houston, Texas. Glenn is a member of The Growth Coach's President's Forum, is a mentor to new franchise owners and is a frequent speaker on the topics of leadership, business strategy, marketing and a wide variety of other business coaching-related subjects. He's been recognized as the Coac...

28 Feb 2013

As a business owner, one of your primary jobs should be marketing. Marketing is the driving force behind acquiring the new customers and revenues that fuels your business. The more you effectively use marketing, the more customers you will inevitably draw to your business. Like fishing, the more lines you put in the water, the better your chances of getting a bite. To help, here are five...

04 Jan 2013

When articles about your business are published, they provide a long-term opportunity for profit, if leveraged correctly. Using correctly the materials you have available can turn a published article into hundreds and even thousands of dollars in profit through credibility, visibility and new business. It gets your name out there and let’s your customers and prospects know your a busines...

16 Sep 2010

Growth Coach Coaching Moment
I received the below e-mail the other day from a loved one.  I seldom ever read a chain e-mail past the first sentence.  This one caught my attention, and I felt it could be a good reminder and “coaching moment” for others as well. I’m not sure the source of this message but I have heard professional speakers as well as Growth Coach franchise owners share this powerful coaching message w...

09 Sep 2010

Game Day for Business Owners
I’m a college sports fanatic but, I also enjoy pro baseball and football but simply to a lesser degree.  Recently, I was watching the final pre-season football game for the Cincinnati Bengals and while I know that professional athletes earn millions of dollars, I was struck by something deeper.  My business coaching and Growth Coach antennae went up.  Not only do these athletes earn mill...

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