05 Jan 2012

A new year has begun and a new page in the story of your business is ready to be written. Remember, you are the one who holds the quill. The future of your business is ready to be molded, but only if you are prepared to take action and start a new chapter. Nothing will change if you don’t. Use the New Year to force yourself to do things differently and do them right. Simply going along ...

22 Dec 2011

Driving a car is a lot like running a business. As the driver, you steer your business away from obstacles and maneuver it through rough roads. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best driver gets lost in the fog or on a new route. When you get lost driving you can rely on a GPS.  When you get lost in your business or simply need some help finding the way to your goal, you can rely on a bu...

25 Nov 2011

It's Thanksgiving again, and this year take a little time to remember all the things in your business you have to be thankful for. Consider all your hard work and successes and celebrate them. You deserve it. Remind yourself that your business is where it is today because of you. While rejoicing in all the things you are thankful for, don't forget to also consider the areas where you cou...

09 Dec 2010

As a business owner, are you always doing the entrepreneurial time warp? You know, repeatedly jumping back and forth between your past and future, seldom operating in the present. Probably so.  As a CPA and professional business coach for over 25 years, I have witnessed up close how small business owners are fascinated with time travel, frequently visiting their PAST and their FUTURE, b...

02 Dec 2010

At The Growth Coach, a North American business coaching franchise system, we come face-to-face with tens of thousands of small business clients, prospects, referral sources, and alliance partners each and every year. Over the last few years, especially in The United States, we have seen that the tough economy and slow recovery have taken a financial, emotional and mental toll on many ent...

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