11 Oct 2012

Too many business owners spend all their time and effort working in their business and not on it. The problem is that when you work in your business, you treat it like a job and yourself like a technician. As a CEO, you should not be doing the job of a technician. Technicians can be hired and replaced. Your role as a business owner is irreplaceable. Are you acting like it? If you were ...

02 Feb 2012

      Referrals from customers play a major role in the success of your business. They already have some faith and trust in the credibility of your business. Referrals are the prospects to really pay attention to. Are you? All it takes to start is a single question. Ask your satisfied customers if they know anyone who would benefit from your services. Here are some simp...

01 Jun 2010

Welcome to the “Growth Coach Blog.” I’m Daniel Murphy, President & Founder of The Growth Coach, the largest “pure business coaching” franchise in the world. Collectively, we coach several thousand small business owners, professionals, and executives each and every year in over 140 markets throughout North America. While I have been blogging for over two years at www.TheGrowthCoach...

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