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Grow & Improve, Your Business & Life

As certified business coaches, we’re committed to helping you discover better ways to manage your business and life by guiding you through our unique, on-going Strategic Mindset® business coaching process. Our goal is to help people and businesses find their “why”.

Our proven coaching process helps you adopt a “big picture” mentality by forcing you to slow down, face reality, and map out a course of action to achieve your goals. Most importantly, we provide on-going accountability to keep you on track and produce lasting results.

Your Success is Our Priority

We Put Your Needs & Goals First

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The Growth Coach is the world's leader in business coaching, sales coaching, and entrepreneurial education. We are dedicated to helping business owners improve their businesses and their lives. By helping owners slow down, reflect, and plan, we give our clients the road map to design and build a highly profitable business that runs smoothly and is worth a fortune when it's sold.

Our business coaching programs and services are affordable and flexible, and each is backed by a 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your initial coaching session, simply return the materials, provide your feedback, and we will promptly and respectfully give you a full refund. You have until the close of business the day following your coaching session to let us know your intention for a refund.

Why The Growth Coach?

At The Growth Coach®, we’ve been coaching and mentoring small business owners and professionals for over a decade. Founded in 2003 by franchising expert and Chairman Gary Green and business coaching expert and CEO Daniel Murphy.

The Growth Coach works with small business owners everywhere to transform their businesses and reclaim their lives. Instead of being owned by your business, we help you slow down, take a step back, and then move forward with confidence and clarity about what needs to be done.

To learn more about this life-changing process, we invite you to explore our website and read Dan Murphy’s book: Becoming a Strategic Business Owner.

Offering Our Clients Important Resources, Including:

  • Deep Customization
  • Industry Specialization
  • Interactive Learning
  • Extensive Curriculum
  • Traditional & Digital Delivery Modalities
  • Experienced & Expert Facilitators
  • Results in Initiating & Sustaining Change

To significantly transform lives and businesses around the world…ONE community at a time. The Growth Coach is all about our clients and our mission is to make them successful. We work with business and sales leaders to improve performance and deliver tangible results. Our belief is that we must do more than just deliver our capabilities and services – we must own results with our clients.

For The Growth Coach to become the industry-defining global coaching brand built on helping people and businesses find their WHY! Our vision is to help clients achieve their highest levels of sales and customer success by generating demand, winning opportunities, growing accounts, and managing performance. We seek to accomplish this through a single platform of assessments and analytics, learning, and sales process playbooks. Our approach enables a faster and more successful execution of business and personal goes.

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