20 Feb 2015

At The Growth Coach, our process is all about helping people find their WHY, which, for me, is a mission that’s close to my heart. I’m Judi Cogen and before I started with The Growth Coach’s corporate team, I lived the struggles that many of you face every day. Let me start at the beginning… When I graduated from Columbia Business School in the 80s, I joined a big consulting firm. I tra...

05 Feb 2015

With the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, it’s the perfect time to look at the relationships in your life and be thankful for the positive influences in your life. If you’re a business owner, that should include examining the relationship between you and your business. As President of The Growth Coach, I want to ask you some tough, but potentially revealing, questions: As a business ...

11 Dec 2014

When Angela Lee Duckworth presented at TED Talks Education last year, she tackled a subject prevalent not just in education, but also in business – Grit. Grit, she explained, is that perfect combination of passion and perseverance. In her research, this teacher turned psychologist could predict everything from which kids would graduate high school or win at the spelling bee to which cade...

16 Oct 2014

Everyone wants to succeed. Failing is tough business and it can be emotionally and professionally straining, but failure is also an opportunity to learn from your experience and be better moving forward. When you learned to ride a bike, once you took off those training wheels, you had to fall a few times to get your balance just right, didn’t you? And even when you thought you were an ex...

03 Oct 2014

Sure, honesty is the best policy, but when you’re talking about the business you’ve poured your life into, being honest can be tough. It’s hard to look at what you’ve built and acknowledge that some of the things you’ve implemented just aren’t working like they should. However, despite the difficulty, being honest with yourself is the only way to truly improve. This week’s blog comes to...

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