14 Jun 2021

The Growth Coach Partners with RevLocal to Offer Digital Marketing Solutions

For more than 20 years, The Growth Coach has been helping the owners and leaders of small- and medium-sized businesses to build stronger businesses and find balance. Now the business and sales coaching company is excited to announce that, through a new partnership with RevLocal, local coaches will also be able to provide clients with trusted, robust digital marketing solutions.

RevLocal is a digital marketing agency that was founded in 2010. Their focus is on building success through strong relationships and positive experiences. This allows business owners to focus on the other areas while RevLocal works on their online/digital marketing presence, which can sometimes be the most overwhelming part of developing a business in the digital age.

As a major coaching franchise, what made The Growth Coach choose to work with RevLocal? Because RevLocal is flexible, honest, transparent, dedicated and data-driven – all elements that are directly in line with the priorities of The Growth Coach.

First, RevLocal doesn’t expect clients to sign long-term contracts. They understand that clients want control over how long you work with an agency based on how they are hitting goals and expectations. Without a long-term contract, RevLocal is constantly working to earn – and keep – their clients. This speaks to one of The Growth Coach’s key tenants: accountability. RevLocal also has dedicated account managers, meaning clients have the opportunity to develop relationships based on their business needs.

Secondly, RevLocal’s dedicated account managers don’t set clients on a pre-set plan. Sure, there are some best practices for every business, but no two businesses are the same. Much like Growth Coaches use the tools in their toolbox to coach business owners and leaders to greater success, RevLocal uses their vast knowledge of digital marketing and accompanying tools to build an online presence.

Finally, they are honest. They provide clients with hard data about how initiatives are performing, what’s working and what’s not, what they can adjust and what’s making a big difference. Because of this honestly, they also aren’t going to make false promises – like getting businesses to the top of Google with SEO alone.

The Growth Coach is looking forward to working with RevLocal and providing clients with digital marketing solutions that work.

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