07 Jun 2012

Saying Thank You – Five Tips for Appreciation Marketing

Everyone enjoys being reminded that they are valued. Want to truly delight your customers? Show them that you care. Appreciation marketing is the process of developing powerful relationships with your customers simply by showing your sincere appreciation. Unlike general marketing, appreciation marketing is personalized for each unique individual. It lets them know that they are truly valued. Saying “thank you” can mean all the difference between a one-time business transaction and a life-long customer.

Here are some helpful appreciation marketing tips,

  1. Send “Thank You” Cards

Every time someone does business with you, send them a card thanking them for their time. According to the Direct Mail Marketing Association, 97% of greeting cards that come through the mail are opened, making this method highly effective.

  1. Send Holiday Cards

Your customers will enjoy receiving cards on holidays and birthdays. This reminds them all year-long that you value their business.

  1. Give Special Deals to Repeat Customers

After you’ve done business with a customer several times, consider offering them a break on the cost. This lets them know you value their business enough to make them a special deal.

  1. Give Gifts to Your Most Important Customers

When a customer is particularly important or is responsible for a large amount of your profits, reward them with a gift card or a present during the holidays. This is a touching reminder that you truly care about their business.

  1. Hold an Event

Invite your past customers to an interactive event where you can thank them personally for their business. Think of some fun activities, like a trip to the zoo or a picnic, and start planning your event.

Appreciation marketing is an easy way to build long-term, powerful relationships with your customers. It is also a way for you to let your customers know you that you honestly appreciate and value them. Maya Angelou once said that, “people will forget what you say, and even forget what you do; but they will never forget how you make them feel.” Let your customers know how you feel and they will always remember you.

3 thoughts on “Saying Thank You – Five Tips for Appreciation Marketing”

  1. I think the value of the thank you card is vastly underrated in today’s society. I still have thank you cards on my desk that were given to me months ago. And guess what? I am thinking of those who gave me the cards! This can be a very powerful tool.

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