02 Jan 2014

Resolution for 2014: Making Lasting Business Improvements

Are you the resolution type? With 2014 freshly upon us, have you made commitments to make this year better than the last? And are you going to stick to those resolutions this year or will they be abandoned by spring?

All too often, making resolutions is easier said than done, but The Growth Coach would like to offer up a resolution challenge this year for those willing to step up: rather than focusing on something like losing weight or eating better, commit to making lasting improvements in your business. It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to start writing a new chapter in your life.

Let’s get started:

– Looking back at 2013, what didn’t work? And just as importantly, what DID work and how can you capitalize on the success?

– If someone were to buy your business, what would their concerns be? Do you share those same concerns? How do you fix it?

– When something goes wrong with your business, do you take responsibility or do you make excuses and place blame elsewhere?

– Are there any decisions you’ve put off making that you can move forward in the first quarter of this year?

– If you want to improve your business, you have to improve yourself. When was the last time you invested in professional development for you or your staff?

Depending on how you answered each of those questions, you should have a great starting point for making improvements for 2014. But our resolution challenge is about more than finding success, it’s also about learning to balance business and life. As you move toward greater business stability, make sure you set aside quality time to spend with your family and friends and to do the things you love outside of work! Being a successful business owner is about more than having a profitable company – it’s also about having a balanced and happy life.

If you have any challenges keeping to this resolution – or finding a ways to meet the challenges – reach out to your local Growth Coach for a free consultation: http://www.thegrowthcoach.com/Programs/TalkwithaCoach/tabid/389/Default.aspx.