Recent Testimonials

Jesse Messenger
Owner - Attractive.Media
I can see true progress in my personal life and my business since I’ve started working with Rick. I highly recommend his platform to anyone who feels like they are buried under their business, feeling alone throughout the process, or who simply need to fix, problems fast.
Carmine Corridore
Owner - Underdog Computer
As a brand new business, my needs are different than a business that has been running for a while. Rick has helped me make my message clearer, focus, and stay the course. Contracting with a Business Coach was the smartest thing I could have done!
Shawn Stewart
Owner - Lightmaster Studios
True Inspiration!!! When I first met Rick, I was drawn by his authenticity and genuine concern for the person “right” in front of him. Later, I got to know his story and the reason why he does what he does. Based on that, I knew I wanted Rick on MY POWER TEAM!
Nicholas Ricci
Owner -
If you are a new business owner and this is your first business, you really need to take this program. It will help you tremendously and put you on the right track from day one before you start making the same mistakes which so many have when starting up a business.
Joanne Leasure
Owner - Day One Accounting
Rick has been so helpful. His tips on speaking in front of an audience have been invaluable to me as I grow my business with speaking engagements. I attended a seminar he hosted and his coaching techniques are first rate. Our group learned a great deal from him.
Carrie Stewart
Owner - Lightmaster Studios
When I first met Rick, I immediately knew that he was someone who had my best interest at heart for our family business. What he shares and teaches is so valuable not only for a business, but truly helps you to analyze and prioritize what is important in all aspects of your life. He is honest, understanding, will keep you accountable, and will walk with you every step of the journey to watching your business grow and succeed. I can’t recommend Rick and his program enough! Call him today!!!
Sarah Munio
Senior Professional Content Writer
Rick is an amazing coach who has turned his real-life struggles into energy that transforms the lives of others. His messages of strength, perseverance, and persistence come from a personal experience of the power of a positive mindset. Rick is an inspiration to those who know him. He is a professional whose talents and skills have helped countless others change their lives.
Gerard A Cantalopo
Ed.M. Client Acquisition Advisor - Anchor Payroll & Benefit Solutions
Rick has a vast depth of business knowledge that places him in the upper echelon of Business Coaching. Rick has an incredible amount of empathy that guides him to understand the whole picture and not just work from a checklist of ideas or pre-selected criteria. His maturity also deepens his experience which translates into providing his business clients with exceptional resources all designed to bring comprehensive growth to all areas of their business practices and processes.
Lisa Hudson
President - The Growth Coach
Rick Franzo is such an inspirational Coach that can lead you to develop skills in perseverance, consistency, and self-awareness. Rick has a great sense of humor and keeps you accountable to your plan and mission all with a genuine hand. I would highly recommend working with Rick and sign up for one of his Group Coaching programs to start the journey to improving your business and balancing your life.
Mark A. Ford
Hartford County - CBC Growth Coach
Rick Franzo, a man of character and integrity. He will serve as a great resource for any business looking for the help or direction, they need to achieve their goals.
Paul Gibson
Re/Max Commercial Partners
Rick is a great coach to work with. He will really help find a way to help you out.
Matthew Christoff
Computer Science/Mathematics Major - Rensselaer Polytechnic
Rick Franzo helped organize a Junior Toastmaster’s group, of which I was a part of. While there, he helped me learn how to speak my mind and convey my thoughts to the people around me. I couldn’t have become as well-adjusted as I am today if it wasn’t for Rick’s help. Rick Franzo is both an excellent teacher and an excellent speaker. I would recommend him for any opportunity requiring a strong leader.
Peter Gragano MBA
Business Coach/Advisor
Rick is an excellent coach whose experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to his clients. I highly recommend him.
Jeffery Myers
Lancaster. PA - CBC Growth Coach
Making a positive impact with clients is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Rick Franzo. I have had the pleasure of knowing Rick for 2 years, during which we have both been members of the Growth Coach and we have worked on several projects together. Above all, I was impressed with Rick’s development of marketing concepts and ability at idea generation. And, of course, his self-deprecating sense of humor. Rick would be a true asset for any company or individual wanting to achieve their goals. Rick’s communication skills enable him to understand his clients and help them get the most out of themselves and their business. With Rick it is easy to give my heartfelt recommendation.
Steven Beers
CBC Author/Coach/Speaker
When it comes to passion for helping others, Rick is at the front of the line. His commitment to helping people achieve their best is second to none. He is willing to share his knowledge and experiences with anyone who is seeking to improve. Some may say he is a survivor, I think he is more than a survivor he is doggedly persistent and will always overcome and will inspire others to do the same. It’s a blessing knowing and working with Rick!
Michael Cuff
Park Guide - U.S. Department of the Interior
I think that Rick Franzo is a superhero, masked as a professional. Don’t let the smooth exterior fool you. He is someone that I recommend in the highest terms possible. Watching Rick be a force for good for the last few years has shown me that he is kind, insightful, and a consummate professional. An overall amazing man that I’m lucky to have crossed paths with. His way is one of hope, encouragement, and patience despite incredibly challenging obstacles along the way. A true Warrior.
Lisha Proudfoot
MSL CBC - Franchise Business Coach
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rick in his capacity as a Growth Coach in the Poconos area. As Rick is building his own business as a business coach, I see his incredible level of tenacity and perseverance as required by any business owner. Rick’s strict adherence to exceptional quality in his own service to his business owner clients and his resolute methods for business promotions set the bar high for all business owners, regardless of industry. Rick’s clients are incredibly fortunate to have Rick as their Business Coach. As the lines between personal and business become blurred for all business owners, Rick provides his clients straightforward and extremely genuine efforts to push through life events and stay focused on end goals which become difficult over time for all business owners. Clients who have Rick as their business coach can not fail, as Rick does not know the meaning of failure, nor excuses it. The Poconos business community should be proud and thankful to have Rick as a resident business coach, for Rick’s coaching efforts will only result in positive economic impact for all businesses, large and small, in that area of Pennsylvania.
Alyson Patascher
MPH Professor of Health Studies
Rick has been a guest speaker in several of my Junior-Senior level Undergraduate classes over the years. He always gives engaging and dynamic presentations that the students find stimulating, motivational and informative in which they connect to on both professional and personal levels. Rick has an uncanny ability to gain trust and respect with those he works with immediately by virtue of the depth of his knowledge on vary topics. Rick is an honest and passionate leader and is an asset to anyone whom he works.
Sabine Schwab
I have known Rick Franzo for close to four years and have interacted with him in his capacity as my support group facilitator, mentor and fellow advocate for the brain tumor community. During my treatment for Anaplastic Astrocytoma, I have come to know Mr. Franzo very well, and therefore can comment on the aspects of his ability to coach, lead, mentor, speak and facilitate. Mr. Franzo is a caring, highly organized and remarkably professional leader and it has been a honor to be his mentee. Over the years, Mr. Franzo has not only introduced me to Brain Tumor Talk, the largest world-wide brain tumor support group on social media, but empowered me to become a fellow advocate and speaker for the brain tumor cause. An important aspect of Mr. Franzo’s interactions with his peers, clients and friends is his ability to not only listen well to their needs and concerns, but also to give professional and constructive feedback to improve the status quo, all whilst remaining professional and compassionate. I personally have benefited from working with Mr. Franzo.
Kyle Berwick
Regional Manager - Techtronic Industries
Rick is one of the best professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around. Rick, was able to grow and sculpt me into a great asset for any business. I worked with Rick for close to 3 years and he constantly challenged and molded me to always strive for the moon. Without Rick I wouldn’t have been pushed to attainable heights in my career that I have been able to achieve today!

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