20 Mar 2014

Find Focus and Finish What You Start

Maybe we can blame smart phones or the constant connectivity of social media, but our lives are even more full of distractions than they were five years ago. In fact, for many, being incredibly busy is almost a badge of honor.

But being that busy doesn’t mean you need to also create work for yourself – stop chasing the newest fad and bouncing between ideas. Focus instead on finishing tasks, projects or goals you’ve already started! Chasing the newest shiny thing can be disastrous for business owners. Even when you’re swamped, having set strategies and goals keeps your employees on track and helps your customers connect with you. If you’re constantly in a frantic state of distraction, it can be extremely unsettling for your staff and your clients.

Take a minute to slow down and think about it. Being an early adopter can work in your benefit in many arenas, but you have to be dedicated to certain goals. Continuously chasing a moving target is frustrating and it keeps you from pursuing solid, existing ideas, projects and strategies. Consider your best options, make strong commitments and give those projects the focus and implementation strategies they need to be successful.

This doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and search for new ideas – it’s just that you need to ensure you can maintain the necessary balance between stability and change. Make sure you have fully implemented those older, great ideas before pursuing something new. Without full and aggressive implementation, you don’t get full results.  Finish what you start.


Of course this doesn’t only happen with your business – chasing the next thing (big OR small) also happens at home and in life. When was the last time you sat down and watched a movie on television without channel flipping? How old was your last phone when you upgraded? Maybe inside and outside of the office, we’re all just too easily bored.

This week, challenge yourself. Don’t start anything new until you’ve completed the previous task. Stop dreaming about the new iPhone and focus on what you need to accomplish today. And, most importantly, stop looking for a quick fix and instead look for ways you can implement lasting improvements in your business and your life that can be implemented over time. If you find that you have trouble finding focus or making firm decisions on worthwhile business improvements, it’s time to talk to a Growth Coach. Our accountability-based programs have a proven track-record of helping business owners and leader find greater success AND balance. Find a coach: http://www.thegrowthcoach.com/locator.aspx


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