10 Jul 2014

Appreciating – and Managing – Your Employees

Gary FurrWhen business owners think about their business, what do they say is their most important aspect? For many, the answer is easy: the people. But as important as great employees are to every business, many owners also say their people are their biggest headache. But why? And how can that be fixed?

Our guest blog come from Gary Furr, The Growth Coach of Portland, who recently shared some great insight on people and employee management. Gary partners with business owners, executives, non-profits and sales teams to achieve greater success in business and meet business and personal goals. His clients come from many different industries, including manufacturing, service, retail establishments, non-profits, medical professionals, start-ups, wine and nursery industries.

People Management

When you look at the various components, assets and structure of your company, organization or department, it’s important to know your company’s greatest assets. Without a doubt, your people are your greatest assets and regardless of the knowledge or experience you possess as a leader and business owner, those traits are not worth much if you are not able to achieve results through other people. The focus for the next few weeks will be on people management. Why not employee management? The reason is simple: We never want to forget that our employees are people, not property.

All humans are complex and unique. We must appreciate that every one of our employees is a unique person with different wants, needs and desires. However, there are common needs all employees have from their leader. Whether you have one employee or 10,000 employees, they are craving for strong leadership.

All too frequently, many business owners and managers complain that employees cause a majority of their headaches. So what are the reasons?

Read the rest on Gary’s website: http://thegrowthcoachportland.com/people-management/.

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