30 Dec 2010

40 More Motivating Tweets For Business Owners

Last week’s Growth Coach Blog was well received by our readers.  As promised, here is Part II of our Twitter Trilogy.  As in the prior blog, I decided to leverage some of my business coaching tips and small business advice I’ve posted on Twitter the past 12 months.  Twitter is a highly popular micro-blog site where your messages need to brief and to the point.

For this blog, I reviewed hundreds and hundreds of my Twitter messages (Tweets) from twitter.com/GrowthCoachCorp and selected 40 more professional coaching “sound bites” I felt could challenge, motivate, educate and benefit business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.  Consider these “coaching bursts” as your personal challenges from your professional business coach, personal growth coach or executive coach.

Since a given Tweet can only be 140 characters long, I used a few abbreviations as you will see … most are very intuitive.  Please read these mini-coaching suggestions and strategies and select 3-5 that make sense for you and your business to implement immediately. Consider printing out this Growth Coach Blog and circle the ones you wish to follow-up with and/or discuss with your team.

As your virtual Growth Coach, I hope these short business coaching messages allow you the opportunity to examine your business, your leadership effectiveness and your personal life.

  1. Your goal should be to develop/own a biz where the Org Chart one day lists your name in only one box … CEO.
  2. Can you get away from your biz for a few weeks and truly unwind without having to check in all the time? If not, you own a job.
  3. If you don’t have an effective business system, YOU are the system. That’s like owning a job, not a biz.
  4. For greater results, you either have to do different things or do things differently. Same old, same old doesn’t cut it.
  5. Ask yourself each day, “Am I acting like a real leader or more like an employee?”
  6. Remember you are PAID according to the VALUE you provide and PROBLEMS you solve.
  7. What one thing, if fully & aggressively implemented, would radically improve your bottom-line results NOW?
  8. Does your business fill up your bank account and soul?  It should do BOTH.
  9. To become a more effective owner, you must become a leader and generalist. Stop trying to be a technical specialist.
  10. Before you touch any task, ask yourself, “Would a successful and wealthy business owner do this?”
  11. If you had to start your business over from scratch, what would you change and what would you keep?
  12. Cash flow is your life blood. Make it your key number you constantly monitor. Never take your eyes off it!
  13. BUSYNESS is one of your greatest enemies. Take time to slow down, face reality, and plan for improvements.
  14. If someone were to analyze buying your business today, what would excite them and scare them about your biz?
  15. What business or personal MESS is stealing your focus and peace-of-mind? Isn’t it time to clean it up?
  16. Say “no” to low-value tasks. If a task doesn’t make $$, save $$, systematize your biz, or please customers, DROP it.
  17. A successful owner should be in the “quitting process”… quitting lesser roles & tasks as the biz grows. Are you?
  18. Your income will depend on how many customers you serve and how well you serve them. You can control that.
  19. Are you driving your business looking through the front windshield or the rear-view mirror?
  20. What are your top 2 personal sales challenges? What attitudes, fears, habits, practices or shortcomings do you need to address?
  21. Your business should not depend upon you to make every decision & solve every problem. Develop more systems & delegate.
  22. Your 1st priority each morning is to get your 1st priority done, 1st thing.
  23. To advance your biz, face reality about what’s NOT WORKING. Accept the truth & then get busy fixing what’s broken.
  24. Want to know what you currently value in life? Look at your calendar system & checkbook … shows where you spend your time and $.
  25. As a business owner, what 3 habits would you like to change to improve your effectiveness & biz results?
  26. Successful entrepreneurs tend to create, unsuccessful ones tend to complain. Are you a creator or complainer?
  27. Your greatest competitor is between your ears … your limiting beliefs. Combat fears & doubt with ACTION.
  28. Entrepreneur, instead of trying to always be in CONTROL of your business, try to be in CHARGE. Much more liberating.
  29. A business only gets better when the people in the business get better. What are you doing to develop your people?
  30. If you are blaming others for anything related to YOUR business, you are giving away your power and ability to change.
  31. Highly successful owners allow themselves to be held accountable. Do you? If not, get a professional business coach.
  32. Get more biz from your current clients. Who are your 3 most promising clients you should visit next week?
  33. The heartbeat of your biz is sales. Make it your top priority. Low sales is a top reason most businesses fail.
  34. Want to make more money? Discover how to solve more problems for more people more often … all about leverage
  35. STOP wasting time & talents on the WRONG type of work. Think twice before doing any task not worth at least $100/hr.
  36. What’s the purpose of your biz?  Should be to create, keep and satisfy customers for a profit.
  37. After every setback and defeat, don’t crumble, simply ask yourself “What is the vital lesson for me to learn?”
  38. Success is the difference between knowing what to do and actually doing what you know. Action is the great divide.
  39. Increase your personal accountability & get better results. Just ask, “What can I do today to improve my business?”
  40. You become what you think about all day long.  Are you thinking about goals or obstacles? Solutions or problems?

I hope these short but powerful messages got you to reflect and think about your business, leadership and personal life.  Without identifying 3-5 to work on starting today, nothing will change.  Again, print this Growth Coach blog and circle the Vital Few items to follow up on your own or to share with your team. Please visit our Twitter account at twitter.com/GrowthCoachCorp and regularly follow The Growth Coach to get your daily dose of profitable advice, practical strategies, and business coaching.  Here are a few other resources for you to consider:

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