06 Dec 2012

Picking Your Business Battles

Many business owners feel the need to do everything in their business; from the smallest, most insignificant daily task to the big picture roles of acting as a leader or marketer. Trying to balance so many roles at once is not only exhausting, it’s damaging to the development of the business. The truth is, you simply can’t control everything in your business or life all the time. Learn to pick your business battles.

When you try to do every job in your business, you end up filling each role poorly, rather than one role with excellence. Rather than micromanage, leverage your resources and delegate your responsibilities to others. The purpose of having employees is to allow them to do the less important tasks while you tackle the big picture ones. Don’t be afraid to release some control and trust your employees with different tasks; that’s what you hired them for.

Without delegation or tasks, it’s impossible to focus any attention one place or another. As a result you end up juggling a dozen or so roles without giving priority to the ones you should be doing. As a business owner, your attention should be on marketing and leadership. With your attention spread so wide, you’re bound to not only lose a lot in the details, but eventually face real burnout. Things can quickly escalate into a stressful and chaotic mess. When you try to control everything, you really control nothing.

If you’re feeling anxious or stressed out, take a look at the way your business operates. If you’re the one performing the majority of the duties and tasks, it could be time to think about seriously restructuring your business so it can function without you. Your ultimate goal as a business owner is to develop your business so it is self sufficient. The first step towards self-sufficiency is developing an understanding that you can’t control every little thing. Delegate and create systems to do these things for you.

Changing your business so it functions with as little constant input from you as possible begins with having the right systems. The proper systems allow others to do the jobs, and do them right, that you shouldn’t be bothered with. While letting go of so much control can be difficult at first, over time it develops into relief and reduced stress. Letting go of control means more freedom to focus on the real priorities in your business, as well as the real priorities in your life. When you learn to pick your business battles, you set yourself free.

7 thoughts on “Picking Your Business Battles”

  1. You are so right that giving up control by creating systems is a daunting task. However, the time put into setting up those systems will come back to you tenfold once it’s in place. We have recently gone back and updated all of our procedures. We are committed to keeping them up to date going forward so that we will never have to reinvent the wheel again. Great post and good advice for all business owners.

  2. I believe no one is completed and perfect to do and control all works. We should get help and support from each other to achieve our goals. Owners of businesses with trusting to their employees can increase their chances to focus on weaknesses and threats of their business and manage good solutions and strategies for them instead of doing a work which a qualified employee can handle it.
    Teamwork is not only a good solution in a business even in personal life; it can help to have peaceful life. I have remembered my mother when we wanted to go to picnic. She wanted to prepare and manage everything for picnic and she did not give any responsibility to anyone. In the end of day, she was very tired and she could not enjoy picnic because all responsibilities was with her. Therefore, cooperation can help us to enjoy our works and achieve our goals.

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