12 Jun 2014

Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

A few years ago, we posted a blog about busting through your limiting beliefs. Now that the economy seems to be back on track and entrepreneurs are growing in number every day, we thought it was time to give that idea a revamp.

Whether you’re considering opening a new business, expanding your current business or even just changing jobs, you probably have some limiting beliefs. Is there a little voice in your head saying you can’t do it? If you have limiting beliefs, can you identify where they came from? What facts do you have to back up those beliefs? If you can’t substantiate those beliefs, then what’s really holding you back?

At this point you have two choices: you can dig in your heels and fight to prove yourself right on those beliefs OR you can be open to challenging your beliefs so you can be more effective and successful. Ask yourself, which would make you happier and more successful? At The Growth Coach, we are willing to bet your answer is #2.

If you’re open to challenging your limiting beliefs, then you have to ask yourself the following:

  • What are those limiting beliefs?
  • Should you be working every night and weekend?
  • Do you have to be involved in every decision at your business?
  • Are you the only one who can run your business properly?
  • Could bringing on someone to manage your business actually free up your time and help you build the company to be more successful?
  • If you’re thinking about changing jobs, what’s keeping you at your current job and are those good reasons to stay?
  • Do you hold yourself accountable for the failures in your job or business?
  • Would you be happier and more successful if you made a change?

Now think about how you’ve answered each of those questions. Just because you’ve operated your business as if you have to be intimately involved in every aspect doesn’t mean that’s how it SHOULD be, right? Isn’t it true that your business could be more successful if you had more time?

If you’re ready to embrace change, here are 9 simple questions to help you get on the path to confronting your limiting beliefs and taking the next step:

State your belief. What is it that you want to address?

  1. Think about that belief – do you honestly think it’s true? If not, let it go right now.
  2. If you do believe it, why?  Where did this belief come from?  Who or what influenced you?  Did you form it based on only a few experiences?
  3. What facts back up this belief?  Would other successful people and business owners challenge such a belief?
  4. Is this belief helping you or hurting you?  Moving you toward or away from your goals?
  5. If this belief is hurting you, holding you back, and challenged by facts and other successful owners, are you ready to let go of this self-limiting belief?
  6. If you eliminated this belief, what could be the substantial benefits to you, your business and your career?
  7. If fully committed to change, what steps will you take to modify this disempowering belief?  When?
  8. Who can help hold you accountable for changing this self-sabotaging belief? Share your desire with them.

Any negative and limiting belief can be dispelled if you confront it with truth and logic. Remember that to expect changes in your life, you have to make changes! To help open your eyes to what is possible, please download our free e-book, Becoming a Strategic Business Owner and take our free, confidential on-line business assessment.

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