Recent Testimonials

Alice Miller
Agency Owner - Allstate Insurance
Mike Williams conducted a series of seminars for my multi-office insurance agency.  So as to be able to include the entire staff, Mike agreed to meet with us on three Saturdays over the course of a couple of months.  Each session focused on a separate theme with the overall objective of these seminars helping us to improve the way that we conduct business.  Some of the main topics addressed were finding ways to improve work flow processes, improving time management, increasing office work flow efficiencies, and identifying individual strengths and areas needing improvement.  Mike’s approach was outstanding, leading the sessions but ultimately getting the team to fully participate in the discussions and exercises.  Mike subtlety led the team through several team building exercises that resulted in a lot of great discussions and input into how to better work as a team and ultimately improve my agency.
Vernon Green
Owner - - CEO GCubed Enterprises, Inc.
After Meeting Mike in 2016, shortly after starting GCubed Enterprises, Inc, we began working together on several initiatives within the community; a small business incubator and a youth mentorship program. He began working directly with my staff in 2016 and his efforts have contributed to incredible growth within our organization over the last 2+ years, growing from 10 full time employees in 2016 to 52 currently. In addition to the monthly training he provides on various topics, we conduct an annual strategy session that allows the staff to have input into the goals the company looks to accomplish in the coming year. To date, we have achieved all of our goals each year. I have consistently been impressed with his business skills and acumen. Throughout the entire time I’ve known Mike, his leading qualities of ethics, knowledge, and professionalism have consistently shown in all his endeavors. His combination of communication skills, business and integrity constitute a success oriented and powerful business leader. I look forward to our continued work together in the future and am proud to count him among my friends.
Tammy Meyer
Marketing Director - Stonebridge Title, LLC
“Mike is an accomplished professional who strives to help his clients be their best. His workshops are motivating and he has provided me with tools that I can quickly implement to help grow my business.  I look forward to attending and doing more events together”.
John Casto
Owner - Action Fitness
“Being someone that avoids facing the numbers and would rather just go out and serve my members or spend my energy speaking and presenting, it was a huge help to get a clearer picture on HOW to price out my membership. I’ve done solely consulting work where the margin is high and there’s no overhead – that’s simple to figure out your numbers….decide what you want and ask for it. When it comes to factoring in costs of running brick and mortar, monthly expenses, payroll, etc. it suddenly becomes a much more complex equation. Mike helped me gain clarity around how to define what I needed to price my gym at to serve customers, hit my profit margin and have confidence in what we were charging was going to bring in the money we needed to (and wanted to) to hit our targets. Thanks Mike!”
Bo Brabo
Cofounder & CEO - Brabo West, Inc.
I attended Mike’s Business Planning Workshop and was very pleased with the outcome.  Mike’s guidance and coaching truly made me think about my business and where I want it to be by the end of the year, as well as five years down the road.  He does a fantastic job of putting you in the entrepreneur mind-set, which was critical in producing our new mission and vision statements, as well as a detailed SWOT analysis that led to realistic goals I can now take action on to achieve.  I highly recommend any small business owner attend Mike’s workshop to help take their business to the next level!
Lauri Swift
Director of Membership - Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce
Thank you for presenting DISC at our Dulles Chamber of Commerce Business Bagels & More event. I received very positive feedback from our participants about the presentation content, and you. You are a strong addition to our membership and we thank you for all you do.
Elizabeth J. Moffett
CPA - Partner, Burdette Smith & Bish LLC
“These workshops are a great way for small business owners to better target their efforts into the areas that will best improve their business processes.  Mike Williams uses his extensive knowledge of sales to help small business owners learn how to grow their businesses. Mike uses specific examples from his own experience that can be applied in a direct way to other businesses.
Sucha Khamsuwan
President & Chief designer - STUDIO IDEYA Architecture + Interiors
“Mike has really helped me with my business. He has challenged me to have a long term view of my business as well as my planning. Since I have been working with Mike, I am managing my time better and starting to put more emphasis on my business 5 years out and beyond. I have already hired a new employee and am better organized for growth and success.”
Petrea Kasper
Director of Operations - AH Dory|Mastering the Art of Human Resources
“It was great to be able to find out more in-depth information about The Growth Coach through Mike’s Business Growth Workshop. I thought the presentation was packed with information. The audience that day, in terms of their roles in their businesses, was so varied, but Mike did a great job giving business examples at different levels and situations. And now that I have a better understanding of The Growth Coach I can see how AH Dory could perhaps fill in the gaps to help his clients implement the practices and strategies that Mike can set for them.”
Joe Malazo
Branch Manager - In Touch Credit Union
“Mike conducted a mini-workshop for my team. He really helped the team think about what it means to perform at a high level as well as how to leverage the talents of all team members. My team was motivated by the quality of Mike’s information and his knowledge concerning the components of high performing teams.”
Vern Parker
Branch Manager - SealRite Doors
Brad Schneider of Growth Coach provided leadership skills for our front line leads and supervisors. This program was such a success we came back to Brad for for our inside sales group. Again we were very satisfied with the content and delivery.
Troy Dillard
CEO - Dillard Alarm Company
I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” for the work that you have done for me and my team.  I appreciate your patience, as this was something that was put together over time, involving several meetings on and off the clock.  We now can confidently say we have a Vision and a Mission Statement that everyone understands and know they were a part of making it happen.

You did a nice job helping develop a SWOT Analysis for our business and encouraging us to do the same individually.  This made us stop and take a good look at the company and ourselves to see where our strengths and weakness are and what opportunities we have to make ourselves better.

We are looking forward to having regular meetings to review our short and long term goals to insure we are staying on track.  With the new tools that we have, I am confident we can make this happen.

On a final note, I really appreciate individuals like yourself who are full of passion for sharing your knowledge to help others be their best! Keep up the Great Work.


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Mike Williams Business Growth Workshop Intro
Mike Williams, President of The Growth Coach of Northern VA extends a warm welcome with his opening remarks during a local Business Growth Workshop.
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Marketing Strategy
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Priority Management
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Time Management
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Building Great Objectives
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The Importance of a Mission Statement
The Importance of a Mission Statement - youtube Video
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Vision Statement
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Building Great Objectives
Building Great Objectives - youtube Video
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Key Steps To Success
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Follow Up and Follow Through
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Key Questions
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Sales Tools
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Business Assessment
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Working "In" Your Business
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People Management
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Finding Your Why
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