19 Feb 2020

Business Owner: Are You Able to Unplug?

When was the last time you truly unplugged? Whether it turning off your phone to go to lunch with an old friend or setting a true out of office and taking a family vacation, being able to leave technology – and work – behind is an important part of being an entrepreneur. After all, you didn’t go into business to have nothing more than a really demanding job, did you?

In our world, being able to unplug actually means two things: (1) can you walk away from your email, turn off your notifications and enjoy your life outside of work and (2) can you unplug from your role as a business owner to go on a vacation, care for a loved one or take a mental break? Being able to unplug in both of those ways –at least some of the time – can protect you from business owner burnout, keep you innovative and help you build much-needed systems into your business. But in order to truly unplug, we at The Growth Coach think you need three things: the right systems, the right staff and the right mindset.


Having the right systems in place separates the strong, happy business owners from the ones who find themselves stuck deep in the business every day. You can’t be out marketing, building and innovating your business if you’re also the lead technician and the end-all solution for every challenge. You need to build systems into your business that would allow your staff to run the company without you – and then trust them to do it. Building systems will help you unplug, but it will also help you step back from the day-to-day operations of the company.


Once you have your systems in place, take the time to find, train and appreciate quality staff members. You need leaders who can be trusted with the overall well being of your company and you need team members who can follow the systems you have put into place to keep the wheels turning while you’re gone. When you are ready to help those staff members develop professionally, The Growth Coach offers team building and strategic manager coaching.


Staying constantly connected to your business means you have the ability to maintain full control of every aspect of your business. Unfortunately, it also means you’re not learning to delegate and you’re heading toward major burnout. Your team shouldn’t have to call you to make normal, day-to-day business decisions, but that all starts with you being willing to give up some of that control, train your team and trust your staff to run the business. You can have all the systems and the best staff in the world, but if your mindset doesn’t allow you to accept that your business can live without you and that your team can handle it, you’ll never be able to unplug.

So whether you are setting down your phone to enjoy dinner with your family or jet setting to Europe, being able to unplug, both from technology and from your business, is an important part of building a strong company and a balanced life.

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