15 Aug 2013

Business leaders around the world each have their own secrets to success – traits and skills they hold as being of the highest importance when it comes to running a successful business. Chandler Rasco, Franchise Adviser for The Growth Coach, believes most of those can be categorized under T.L.C – Time, Leadership and Communication. We’re going to address each of those characteristics in...

01 Aug 2013

Being a business owner can be a tough career, especially if your business is small and not quite booming. It can feel impossible to do anything from hire employees to taking a vacation. Can your business even open if you have to call in sick? Dan Murphy, the CEO and founder of The Growth Coach, knows what it’s like to be open and operate a small business. When he started business and sa...

18 Jul 2013

This week's blog features a post written by Glenn Smith, the Owner and CEO of The Growth Coach in Houston, Texas. Glenn is a member of The Growth Coach's President's Forum, is a mentor to new franchise owners and is a frequent speaker on the topics of leadership, business strategy, marketing and a wide variety of other business coaching-related subjects. He's been recognized as the Coac...

04 Jul 2013

When the founding fathers wrote our freedoms into the books, they intended for everyone to have the right for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That certainly should include business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs! In honor of Independence Day, take this opportunity to stand back and take steps toward finding the freedom to be successful at work while having time for life by...

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