09 Feb 2022

Winning Battles with Leadership in the Boardroom

Boards are messy.  Profit or Non-Profit.  Advisory Boards.  Board of Directors.  Sometimes they are just a disaster.  Why?  Well, compared to a fully defined team or organization, boards are made up of people with different agendas, drive, and meaning for being on the board.  Some are there for the mission and vision.   Some are there to check a box that says, “they are on a board.” Some are there because of the amount of money they may have donated.  Some may be there simply to find business for their business!  Yikes.  This type of agenda soup can create some serious conflict.  What do you do when your board is in a state of chaos or isn’t fulfilling its mission? 

The Chairman of the Board needs to step up here, with outside support and guidance…it’s their role and responsibility.  You can’t assume the board members themselves are going to work out things by themselves.  It’s possible, but not likely.  The COB must step in, re-assert and ensure members are “staying in their lanes” and are there for the right reasons.  Review the governance structure, bylaws and rules together.  Self-assess each member’s reasons for being on the board.  Make changes where needed.  Tough changes.  Changes required to keep the organization moving forward. 

Check back in as we continue talking about ways to win your battles – in your head, in the boardroom, on your team, and more!