20 Oct 2021

The Growth Coach in Action – Matt East and Fusion Chemical

At the end of the Pandemic, Fusion Chemical was just starting to grow beyond a small business. At this time, the company was expanding at a pace in which they needed to have a clear direction and defined roles so that they could become a company with sustained sales growth. There were challenges in the way, so their solution was to hire a business coach. Thus, they stumbled upon The Growth Coach and I was introduced to the owner, Matt East, and his company.

The first challenge pertained to communication and planning. I was able to bring the owners of Fusion Chemical together and work with them to create a communication plan using tools like Trello to ensure accountability, direction and results between all key stakeholders.

The second challenge was to develop a vision for the company. Not just for the next month or year, but rather to look at the next 5-10 years. This was extremely important and very valuable for Fusion Chemical as it established a clear and defined vision for the employees and ownership to move forward.

Finally, the third major challenge was personality testing. It is important to fully understand every employee at a company to know what makes each person “tick.”Personality tests allowed both ownership and employees at Chemical Fusion to communicate more effectively and to do so in a way that motivated each other. According to Matt, “Knowing how an employee, customer, manager, owner etc. thinks about relationships and business is critical when trying to work on projects together as a team. Wow Bob, this was fantastic!”

Fusion Chemical is just one example of how a Business Coach can transform your business to be set up for success, and ultimately, experience growth! Please reach out to me today to talk about your business needs, and see how I can help you!

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