07 Dec 2021

The Great Re-evaluation: No More “Suck It Up, Buttercup”

Over the last several months, a new addition to our business lexicon has developed: “The Great Resignation.” But I’m not so sure that’s the right term for it. We’re describing the symptom, not the cause.

In the last few months, this topic has been near the top of discussion points on my many coffee and breakfast meetings with owners, leaders and partners. I’ve heard from owners about their fears of this time of business life, where COVID19 fears still exist and government involvement in business activity and policy is increasing vs. decreasing.

LinkedIn recently had an article stating that almost 50% of people who are working are contemplating a change. 50%!!!! Those are true “holy cow” numbers.

But in all this conversation nationally (where Indiana is high on the list for resignations in August 2021 @ 3.6%), I think many are looking at the wrong thing. From a business owner perspective, the last two years have been nothing short of mind-numbingly difficult. Shutdowns, sickness, deaths, restrictions on business activity by elected and unelected officials, supply chain chaos, and now, this. What the heck is going on!!?? And what do I do about it?

In my discussion with business owners and leaders, I recommend a few things to consider when faced with this perilous looking future with their labor force:

  1. Only resilient businesses will survive and thrive in this environment.
  2. Things have changed. For everyone. Own up to this new reality.
  3. Start now! Start fixing your business NOW.
  4. Commit yourself to business discipline.

Check back in soon as we take a deeper dive into these four recommendations!

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