From a Recent CEO Roundtable

Shawna Lake
Thanks Bob Paden, it was the highlight of my week.

Recent Testimonials

Randall Cloe
Cloe Legal LLC
I was referred to Bob Paden through a mutual client, and hired him to help engineer a second iteration of my law practice. Bob brought tools and structure to the endeavor, guiding me through the process of conceptualizing the business that I want to own, and then mapping the steps required to create it. His guidance has been fundamental to the confidence I now possess as a business owner. I know that I will reach my goals by working my plan, and if I don’t, I can count on Bob’s guidance to help retool my plan.
Lois D.
Bob Paden has recently been coaching an associate of mine, and it has been a fantastic transformation to witness. Bob has helped him focus and strategize about selling his services and working smarter, not harder. And it’s already paying dividends.

So much so that I mentioned to Bob the other day that he and his coaching reminded me of that old commercial – I can’t remember the company, but the gist was they “didn’t make the thing, they made the thing better.” And, that’s Bob – his coaching approach helps make people and companies better.

I also mentioned that I was less skeptical about business coaching than before meeting Bob and observing his methods. Bravo, Bob.

Mark Lusky
Founder & President - Mark Lusky Communications
Bob Paden is like the Wizard of Oz. He’s helped infuse a new way of thinking, added invaluable insights to the heart of my business, and inspired the courage to move forward with exciting new initiatives. Given that I’ve owned my business for 38+ years, that’s an incredible outcome!
Lee I.
Financial Advisor - Edward Jones
Amazing job today on the Webinar! What an awesome way to highlight your skillset – I took a lot away and thought it was so well prepared and actually had actionable items to it. I watched it on YouTube and I’ve heard many similar topics lately but this is the best content I’ve seen yet – thanks for taking the time!
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BCC Webinar Series Session 6– Going from 0%-100% online in B2B and B2C sales
BCC Webinar Series Session 6– Going from 0%-100% online in B2B and B2C sales - youtube Video
Kimberly Ridding
I really enjoyed the workshop! Bob Paden did a great job getting us to think about working on our business and not in it.
Tim O’Sullivan
LEED AP BD+C, President - Take Three, Inc
“Personal guidance” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Bob Paden. His depth of knowledge and experience in business and project management was a tremendous asset.

He would be a true asset in helping any organization that is growing/dealing with change, or looking to work through key decisions, and he comes with my absolute highest recommendation.

Lindsay Farley
CEO - StrategyNest
Bob connects the Operations and Marketing functions that allowed me to meet my business goals. He invests more than just time but also his whole heart into helping my business grow.
I’m so glad I talked to you today….

if not, I would have done something really stupid….

Gary Fleener
Thought provoking and eye opening are phrases that come to mind when I think about Bob ….we are now beginning 2018 with more confidence and less stress. Bob would be a true asset to any business looking to clear the clutter, gain clarity of purpose and make some small changes that have large impact to the top and bottom line.
Bob Markley
President - 3rd Dimension Industrial 3D Printing
Bob has been invaluable over the last 2+ years. Small business owners, if you don’t have a “guy,” you need to call Bob. Great sounding board as he has “been there.”

We would not be building one of the country’s foremost metal additive shops without the advice and guidance of Bob, and I am personally beyond grateful.

From a Recent Business Growth Workshop

Talking with other business owners in a directed fashion – not just networking – was extremely valuable. Learning from their experiences while being guided by Bob was very worthwhile. I’ve come away with a defined goal to work towards in the next 90 days. I like that the workshop helped me think critically about my business.
Bob is very professional and sincere in their approach to drive improvement in the accountability of business leaders and owners.
To understand more how and why to be a CEO of our business. If you want a business to be sellable, you need your business to run itself when you are not present.
It reinforced that we are all stuck in some way and that there are avenues to learning how to shift thinking and actions to effect change.
I loved creating the “what not to do” list. I loved the structure of the class and your confidence and effectiveness. I liked how you drew out participants so we got to know each other.
Amazing session! Really enjoyed connecting with our group and hearing about the common struggles that many business owners face.
This was a great experience! Bob is friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about helping business owners evaluate where they are at, and where they want to be. The program seems very focused and easily adaptable regardless of what type of business you have. I am confident that their coaching would help anyone to gain a fresh perspective on their business and how to increase sales, as well as happiness and satisfaction on a daily basis.
With Bob, you don’t feel like you’re alone on your journey to success. Genuine, strategic, and resourceful in their approach to want to help grow your business from the ground up or to take it to the next level. Overall, The Growth Coach is great experience that I am already seeing results from!
Testimonials and Feedback on Leveraging Strengths of a Multi-Generational Organization
Zionsville Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast

August 20, 2019

With the explanation of all generations, I understand and feel better prepared to handle different circumstances that have arisen in my job and how to help fix it.
Great topic, great facilitators!
It was a very warm and welcoming reception. Everything was taken care of and supplied. There was no wasted time or useless information. Bob was very professional and prepared.
It really made me think about where I want to be and refine my vision.
I need to add staff so I can work on my business.
Do not be a commodity! Be different!
Being intentional on being an “owner” not an employee.
I didn’t look at my phone for the entire 2 hours!


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Business Plan & Process 2020 Focus Areas
Business Plan & Process 2020 Focus Areas - vimeo Video

What’s your 2020 business plan? Here’s some advice to get started on your plan.

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Maxmize your leadership with focus on your vision... then share it.
Maxmize your leadership with focus on your vision... then share it. - vimeo Video

Maximize your leadership with vision…and share it.

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Leadership-know and share your vision
Leadership-know and share your vision - vimeo Video

As the leader of your business, do you know your vision and share it?

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What does a business coach do?
I'm often asked, "What does a business coach do?" The best comparison I can make is, my work is similar to a river rafting guide. Want to survive the chaos going down the river? I'm here to help,

Ever wonder what a business coach does? Here’s a great comparison that will help you understand if a coach is right for you and your company.

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As and owner of a business, you're 100% responsible. Stop and think about that for a moment? Are you doing what it takes? Watch this video with The Growth Coach for more.

As an owner, you’re 100% responsible for your business. Watch and hear more. This is the link to the book Bob references:

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Maximizing Leadership Vision & Culture
As a business owner, are you focused on vision and culture? Learn more.

As a business owner, are you focused on vision and culture? Learn more.

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CEO Burnout, Bob Paden
We meet with a lot of CEOs who feel burned out. Looking for ideas to find time for yourself? Listen to our owner Bob Paden. Then call and have a coffee with him to learn more.
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Creating process: Ready your business to sell
The Growth Coach Bob Paden offers ideas to help create process in your business and why its a benefit to everyone.

Creating Process: Ready your Business to Sell

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The Growth Coach Indy North, 8_23_19
Do you have a CEO Mindset? Do you think about how to optimize your business? Listen to our owner Bob Paden as he gives some great advice to think on this week.

Think Like a CEO!

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08_16_19_Paden_CEO_Mindset - vimeo Video

It’s Friday! Are you thinking like a CEO?

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Hope is not a plan
What are you doing to grow your business? Hope isn't a plan.

Hope is Not a Plan

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Advice and insight for Boomer business owners
Boomer business owners--this video is for you. If you're thinking about the next step in life and selling your business, here's some advice and insight.

Advice & Insight for Boomer business Owners

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08_12_19_CEO Mindset
08_12_19_CEO Mindset - vimeo Video

Do you think like a CEO?

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08_05_Business imprisionment August_TGC
08_05_Business imprisionment August_TGC - vimeo Video

Are You Suffering? Business Imprisonment?

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07_19_Paden_TCG_72219 - vimeo Video

Facing Reality: Accountability

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-7_15_TCG Paden 71519
-7_15_TCG Paden 71519 - vimeo Video

Topic of the week: I have a problem, now what?

Set your business up for success now!

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