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What does a business coach do?
I'm often asked, "What does a business coach do?" The best comparison I can make is, my work is similar to a river rafting guide. Want to survive the chaos going down the river? I'm here to help,

Ever wonder what a business coach does? Here’s a great comparison that will help you understand if a coach is right for you and your company.

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As and owner of a business, you're 100% responsible. Stop and think about that for a moment? Are you doing what it takes? Watch this video with The Growth Coach for more.

As an owner, you’re 100% responsible for your business. Watch and hear more. This is the link to the book Bob references:

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Maximizing Leadership Vision & Culture
As a business owner, are you focused on vision and culture? Learn more.

As a business owner, are you focused on vision and culture? Learn more.

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CEO Burnout, Bob Paden
We meet with a lot of CEOs who feel burned out. Looking for ideas to find time for yourself? Listen to our owner Bob Paden. Then call and have a coffee with him to learn more.
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Creating process: Ready your business to sell
The Growth Coach Bob Paden offers ideas to help create process in your business and why its a benefit to everyone.

Creating Process: Ready your Business to Sell

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The Growth Coach Indy North, 8_23_19
Do you have a CEO Mindset? Do you think about how to optimize your business? Listen to our owner Bob Paden as he gives some great advice to think on this week.

Think Like a CEO!

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08_16_19_Paden_CEO_Mindset - vimeo Video

It’s Friday! Are you thinking like a CEO?

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Hope is not a plan
What are you doing to grow your business? Hope isn't a plan.

Hope is Not a Plan

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Advice and insight for Boomer business owners
Boomer business owners--this video is for you. If you're thinking about the next step in life and selling your business, here's some advice and insight.

Advice & Insight for Boomer business Owners

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08_12_19_CEO Mindset
08_12_19_CEO Mindset - vimeo Video

Do you think like a CEO?

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08_05_Business imprisionment August_TGC
08_05_Business imprisionment August_TGC - vimeo Video

Are You Suffering? Business Imprisonment?

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Facing Reality: Accountability

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-7_15_TCG Paden 71519
-7_15_TCG Paden 71519 - vimeo Video

Topic of the week: I have a problem, now what?

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