09 Oct 2021

If you’re in the path of an approaching train, do you stand still or take decisive action to survive?

Well, 2021 is almost behind us, in so many ways! We’re heading towards the holidays like a freight train and December 31, 2021 is approaching fast. As business owners, we’ve set this date in our heads as a milestone for some reason. It may mark the end of a year, but it certainly doesn’t mean the end to our problems.

So, why wait until then to address what needs attention now? You’re going to be very disappointed if you wait for a helping hand that may or may not ever arrive, instead of pulling up your own bootstraps and figuring out how to get out of the path of the approaching train.

Replace waiting-and-seeing with writing and doing.

Write down NOW what happened to your business in 2021 and what you want to happen in 2022. It doesn’t need to be pretty or perfect. Just get something down on paper that addresses your performance this past year, then use it as a cornerstone to define the coming year. Put it all under the heading of “educated assessments and assumptions.”

No matter what you write down, it will serve as the catalyst to move forward. This is a case where even an hour’s worth of written recollections coupled with a New Year wish list can jump start the process. That’s a one-hour TV show. Or looking through a dozen enlightening articles. Or scanning a week’s worth of social media posts and feeds. It’s not much when compared to so many other activities we take for granted. Only you shouldn’t take this one for granted.

Deploy teamwork to move forward.

True trusted advisors will offer useful and trustworthy ideas, insights and support at the most critical times. The best advisors provide perspectives that you don’t have and solutions you haven’t considered. If you have trusted advisor(s) on board already, get in touch. Obviously, I’m here as well to discuss options and opportunities with you—either one-on-one or as part of a larger team.

As part of this process, remember that this is an opportunity to create something new, different and distinct no matter what’s come before. As Thomas Edison said, “There ain’t no rules around here! We’re trying to accomplish something!” Look both inside and outside the box for the best, most enduring and profitable solutions.

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