03 Nov 2021

Continued Business Malaise….CBM…do you have it?

How to know you’re in the middle of it and what to do about it if you’re a business owner or leader.

Over the last several months, I’ve probably talked with over 100 business owners of different shapes and sizes, across multiple industries and across the Midwest and rest of the United States.  One recurring, resounding lament I keep hearing is how brutally fatigued owners are, how anxiety and anger are at epidemic levels, and how all the negative energy is compromising their teams’ ability to stay engaged and motivated. I’ve heard the words, “I’m about to check out” daily.

It’s a pervasive malaise with clients, partners and random people I encounter at the store. I fully understand and have empathy for their feelings.  The last two years have been awful for many and downright disastrous for some.

But for others, growth has occurred—which in normal times would have lifted spirits, motivation, and morale. Now, however, the challenges of that growth have made the same theme come through – CBM.  Supply chains are a mess, team members are quitting or giving up, and owners and leaders are exhausted.

So, what is one to do??  In my usual manner, I’m not going to do a “Tony Robbins” on you.  He does that quite well.  I’m going to take a different tack.

In the famous (or infamous) words of Dan Murphy, President & Co-Founder of Franchise Funding Group, “No Parking!!!!”  These tough years are what will make you a better owner and a better leader, but you must get through it all.  You have to.  It’s your livelihood, it’s your family, it’s your employees and it’s your future legacy.  It’s all on the line.

You’re tired, your people are tired, and your customers are tired!  We’re all tired!  Emotions are high, people are volatile everywhere, and small things are becoming big things within organizations across the US.  People are bailing on their jobs, hiring is still a mess of a process and leaders are growing wearier by the day.

So, what is an owner to do when the deck is stacked against you and you’re looking at a tsunami while standing on that beach looking at the horizon?

There are Four Things that we can focus on:

  1. Don’t assume this will last forever…it won’t.
  2. Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
  3. Leadership, Not Management.
  4. Start Doing. Stop Doing.

In the coming weeks, we will be diving into the four main focus areas – Stay Tuned!

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