Business Plan 2020

21 Nov 2019

2020 business plan: Keep it simple

For business owners and leaders, this time of year is focused on year end planning, budgeting and goals. And that latter word (goals) means reflection. Did you do what you said you were going to do in 2019? Take time to think about it before you start planning for 2020.

Use these ideas from The Growth Coach for your 2020 business planning:2020 Business Planning

  • Keep it simple. A business plan is not a thick document in a binder. It’s simple and straightforward. It’s measurable. Make it a plan on a page.
  • Plan in five areas. See the list to the right. Consider your marketing plan for the year, choose measurable goals and consider who’s going to do what to complete the plan for your sales team. Operations and customer service are always important focus areas. Never forget the back office operations, finance for example.
  • Focus on process. How do things happen in each area to take you, the owner, out of the middle of each process? You’ve got a great team of people as an owner. Trust them to make smart decisions and do the work. Your job is to be there for them when they hit road blocks, need coaching to make decisions. Resist the temptation to get in the middle of their processes.
  • Ask for help. Being an owner doesn’t mean you’ve got all of the decisions and ideas. It’s ok to ask for help. Owners often lean on business coaches or join Owner Roundtables to get ideas and insight. Wondering what a business coach could do to support you? Watch the video below with our Owner Bob Paden. Read more about Roundtables by clicking here.


I'm often asked, "What does a business coach do?" The best comparison I can make is, my work is similar to a river rafting guide. Want to survive the chaos going down the river? I'm here to help,

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