08 Jul 2010

No Doubt You Need Business Coaching … But Do You Want It?

Over the past 18 years, as a business coach and owner of a business coaching franchise system, one of the recurring questions I have been asked (as well as my certified business coaches throughout North America) by small business owners and professionals is, “Can I benefit from business coaching?” Since our coaching system has already served tens of thousands of clients, I can say without hesitation that there is not a business owner, executive, or professional alive who could not benefit substantially from business coaching.  We all can.  Each of us needs some objectivity and accountability to help us change our mindsets and behaviors in order to earn more, work less, and enjoy a more balanced and rich life.

Every owner already knows in their gut that they could benefit from business coaching or they wouldn’t even ask us or themselves the question.  They already know that something is out of whack in their business or personal life.  That they are off track or in a rut.  That they could earn substantially more money or enjoy substantially more free time.  They already know they could benefit from business coaching.  The only remaining question they need to ask themselves is, “Am I willing to take action now to change my situation for the better?” If an owner is not willing to change, nothing in their business or life will change. While there is no doubt they need coaching, they must want coaching.  The wise ones decide they want it, seize it and profit from it!

Fortunately, the vast majority of the thousands of small business clients who come to us each and every year are referred to The Growth Coach by their trusted advisers … CPAs, bankers, attorneys, financial planners, consultants, Chamber of Commerce leaders, peers, etc.  We have developed highly effective and unique referral-based marketing programs that work.  These trusted and respected advisers are “in the know” and objectively recognize which of their clients or members could benefit from business coaching.  Since most of these advisers have already been through our coaching process and know the benefits first-hand, they are confident steering their clients our way.

Most advisers recognize that there’s generally a significant gap between where a client is and where they want to be.  Most advisers also know that for the client to achieve a better future and close the performance gap, the client needs to face the truth about their current situation, get clarity about their future direction, develop a focused action plan to get there, and receive on-going accountability to keep them on track. Advisers know a business coach with a proven, structured and year-round coaching and accountability process like The Growth Coach’s can deliver on each of these critical needs.

Best yet, advisers know that The Growth Coach stands behind our strategic-focusing process and guarantees all our initial coaching services with a 100% money-back guarantee.  This satisfaction guarantee gives business advisers great confidence in referring their clients/members to us…knowing we won’t ever let anyone down, client or referral source.

But the business owner or executive must still arrive at the conclusion for himself/herself that business coaching would be highly beneficial for them … even with the caring nudge of an adviser, a money-back guarantee, or a challenge from me or another coach.  The owner must want to change for the better and take new actions!  Again, while every owner, executive or professional needs business coaching and can benefit from it, they must WANT it.

To help you arrive at your own conclusion and want to take the first step, here are two short videos to help you see the benefits of business coaching:

Benefits of Business Coaching

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Business Coaching is Like a GPS for Your Business

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After viewing these short videos, are you ready to take new actions?  Ready to change for the better?  Here is a link to locate a business coach near you.

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