Thomas Bruckbauer – Your Growth Coach

Being a business owner or a company leader can be challenging, isolating and exhausting. I’m Thomas Bruckbauer, owner of The Growth Coach Metro West, and I opened this business and sales coaching company because I saw an opportunity to combine my experience with a successful coaching program to benefit the business leaders right here in my community.

On an international level, The Growth Coach is the largest provider of affordable group coaching workshops. Our coaches around the world offer group and one-on-one coaching for business owners, sales professionals, managers, management teams, self-employed professionals and more through three distinct series – the Foundation Series, Fundamental Series and Fast Forward Series.

I’m originally from Germany and I moved to Tennessee in 1997 to work for CTI Pet Systems (later Siemens Medical Solutions) in positions ranging from Application Developer to Director of Engineering. In 2012, I moved to Massachusetts to work for Bruker Biospin Corporation’s Preclinical Imaging Division in Billerica, where I worked in business development first as the Director of Research and Development, then as the Business Unit Manager and finally as their Market Manager.

During this time, one of the highlights of my life was to be sworn in as proud United States citizen in Faneuil Hall.

After moving back to Tennessee, I worked as the Vice President for Research and Development for ABT Molecular Imaging, where, among other duties, I led the development and growth of a high-performing research and development team and also developed collaborations and customer relationships to understand the market and prepare the company’s products for success. I’m now proud to be back in the Greater Boston area helping business professionals as a Growth Coach.

I’ve held a wide variety of positions, but in every job, I’ve mostly been given the tasks no one else wanted. I’ve always been the one to face challenges head on, but never by myself. I know you have to build an excellent team and support structures you can trust to work together toward a common goal. That’s the only way to be successful. I think of it as helping people to grow wings so they can fly.

In all of my years in management, I was always happiest when one of my employees or team members left my group or the company to do bigger, better things. I like knowing that I helped someone hone the skills they’d need to move forward in their professional lives and that’s at the heart of what we do at The Growth Coach.

As a Growth Coach, I am certified in The Strategic Mindset coaching process, which adheres to the standards, practices and policies that the International Coaching Federation has set forth in their Code of Professional Standards and Ethics.

I’m looking forward to helping business owners and company leaders in the Metro West area by working with them to build better businesses and better lives. Working with The Growth Coach is a long-term commitment to real mindset change and accountability. You’re not bringing in a consultant to try to fix a problem – you’re bringing in a coach who is dedicated to standing in your corner and helping you get wherever you need to go. I think, with my leadership experience and The Growth Coach’s system, I can make a real difference in this community.

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