Recent Testimonials

I truly enjoyed this workshop. Trevor answered all of our questions and explained each topic with great detail. I learned a lot about myself and the people I worked with.
Kim Edwards
Trevor did a great job with reviewing DISC with the agency in which I work. I received reassurance on some of the strengths and limitations that I have. He made sure to see if I or my teammates needed more explanation or examples for what was discussed.
Abby Duran
I enjoyed the foundational review of growth and business basics. Trevor is very well-spoken and takes the time to learn the face behind the business.
Tatiana Yagecic
Trevor is dedicated to make a difference for entrepreneurs and their teams. I was impressed by his ability to provide impactful insights while staying very down to earth and not judgmental.
Syeda Ody
Trevor Crunelle provided his consulting services to our small team at Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Lowcountry. He provided easy to understand assessments and created fun activities for us to bond together and learn about ourselves. I would definitely recommend him to any workplace looking to strengthen their team.
Rick Franzo
As a business coach, Trevor is quite skilled on how to ask the right questions to business owners and professionals to help them understand strengths and challenges of their current operations. Trevor works on solutions with his clients that are practical, actionable, and holds them accountable. I highly recommend Trevor!
Michael Paschos
Spartan Softwash
Trevor is extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and more importantly, knows how to break through the plateaus that many of us entrepreneurs struggle with. I highly recommend reaching out to Trevor ASAP if you want to grow your business! Great coach and person!
Ryan Faucher
Employco USA
Trevor will change the way you think about challenges and help you think and grow outside of your comfort zone! Highly recommend working with Trevor if you are looking to grow your business.
Parker Richard
I recently completed a DISC assessment with Trevor at The Growth Coach of the Low Country and found the experience to be fantastic. I’m a small business owner constantly looking for ways to strengthen my business development. I’ve gone to seminars and read many books about how to better yourself and business, but nothing has been better than having a coach to help me along the way. I encourage anyone looking for that competitive edge to seek a partner to help you reach those goals. Whether you’re a business of 5 employees or 500, there’s no better coach than Trevor at The Growth Coach of the Low Country to help with that journey.
Monique Wallace
Excellent Growth Coach! If you have never had coaching or taken workshops in how to grow your business, he is a MUST to help you!
Bryson Roberts
Joined in on one of Trevor’s online workshops and it was great! Would highly recommend him for business and sales coaching.
Alex Juncu
I was offered the opportunity to participate in a business Growth Planning workshop with Trevor Crunelle (The Growth Coach of the Lowcountry) recently, and it was an enjoyable experience – both for me personally and for my business. Being in a group with other like-minded business owners generates constructive dialogue; and Trevor did a nice job leading & facilitating the discussion. He is attentive, considerate, and pleasant to work with. Recommended!
Kelsey Herbers
In 2021, I decided to quit full-time employment to start my own LLC, and I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily, I was connected with Trevor at The Growth Coach of the Lowcountry very early on. He not only helped me understand the steps for creating and managing a business, but he also connected me with all of the other local resources I needed to be successful (my lawyer, tax consultant, business banker, financial planners, etc.) He is knowledgeable, motivating, and generous with his time. I couldn’t be more grateful for his help, direction, and accountability. I would 110% recommend him to anyone looking for a business coach!
Cory Wallace
I had the pleasure of meeting Trevor at the Master mind group for local small business owners in the Low country areas. Trevor is Dedicated, Detailed, and Passionate. If you are in need of a Growth Coach, I encourage you to seek him out.
Charles Boyce
Trevor has a great approach to goal setting and accountability. I recommend attending one of his interactive zoom sessions to see if his approach can help you grow your business.
Gabe Gould
Trevor is wise, patient, and on point. I think one of the great benefits of having a coach like Trevor in your corner is that he is able to share a different perspective on your situation, help you see it differently, share strategies and tools to overcome challenges or maximize opportunities, and then provide the healthy accountability to ensure it gets done and you succeed.

Thanks for everything, Trevor!

Julia McElhinney
I attended one of Trevor’s Planning for Growth Workshops and I am so glad I did! He talked about how to overcome obstacles I have been facing as well as how to propel the business further. I got so many takeaways that I am excited to implement. Trevor is knowledgeable, personable, funny, and asks the right questions to get you thinking. I will definitely be working with him again!
Matthew VanSlyke
Trevor Crunelle brings an abundance of personal experience to the table in his unique approach to Strategic Business Mindset. As a new first time business owner, I have learned how integral mindset is to getting started and being successful. Mindset is a game changer. Why not get it right the first time and save yourself a substantial amount of unnecessary stress and wasted resources. Through The Growth Coach of the Lowcountry, Trevor provides extensive offerings that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and will help you and your business grow exponentially.
Bryan Besecker
Trevor was a very helpful partner to brainstorm with and get a clearer sense of direction for both messaging and strategy. As a first-time founder you can pull yourself in too many directions and having someone to simplify and break down what you need to say and do is extremely helpful. I’d highly recommend The Growth Coach to anyone looking to start or grow their business.
Thomas Lessin
Trevor is a great business coach. He has great information and makes you take a look at where you are going and what can drive your business to success and profitability. It is about creating a Strategic Mindset for being successful. Give him a try and I am sure you will gain great insights.
Brian Cox
SouthStar Capital, LLC
Trevor is outstanding. He really brings value to the clients he coaches.
Beth Allison Ringel
Mental Health Clinic LLC
Trevor is very knowledgeable, helpful, & kind. He really helped me by offering his suggestions to networking groups I could join & recommended a company to assist me with my website & SEO optimization, among other things. He gave me his time, gave me suggestions on how to grow my business, & gave me the benefit of his experience & knowledge to help me with various aspects of my small business. I highly recommend Trevor & The Growth Coach of the Lowcountry to anyone wanting help growing their small business!
Michael Maier
Trevor is an experienced business person and sales professional that has been in highly competitive situations and come out ahead.
Tom Lessin
Residential Lending Division - First Federal Bank
Trevor is a true champion of small business owners and he has the right tools to help mentor and guide them through their journey. Give him a call.
Jennifer Shearer
Trevor has been so patient explaining steps to starting a new business and best ways to ensure success. He followed through with everything he said he would, contacting his business contacts with introductions for me and following up to see that I was connected. He set up next meeting with goals for me to ensure my progress. The entire experience felt very professional with clear expectations and genuine desire that I be successful. I recommend Trevor as a thorough and conscientious coach; great to work with.
Vincent Yee
I want to give a shout out to Trevor Crunelle, The Growth Coach of Lowcountry. We had a great meeting this afternoon to go over my D.I.S.C. personality analysis. Every now and then I like to do these to make sure I am in line with the person that I think I am and who I want to be. I also find it helps in business because it offers me information on how to relate and communicate with others. (You all know I can use the help.) Trevor sent me a link to do this analysis through his business. The cool part of doing it this time with Trevor was that he was extremely kind and took time to explain the different sections of the analysis with in-depth information. Since I found this so beneficial; I wanted to share that he can do this analysis for you. You can do this with or without being one of his members. I am not a member nor being paid but I do value Trevor’s advice.
Brittany Betit
I had the pleasure of working with Trevor at The Growth Coach of the Lowcountry just recently. He initiated a DISC assessment, and offered a coaching session to walk through the intricacies of my results and those of my team. Trevor provided excellent insights that helped inform how to better communicate, reward, and work together with others. His thorough review also helped me understand my strengths and areas for opportunity. I highly recommend Trevor and The Growth Coach of the Lowcountry for any business coaching needs!
Natalie Bluestein
Bluestein & Douglas
Trevor is a terrific business coach!
Brian Cox
SouthStar Capital, LLC
Trevor is outstanding. He really brings value to the clients he coaches.
Briana D'Alesandro
Trevor provides a personalized experience that emphasizes strengths. I never felt as if I was lacking or at a deficit when exploring opportunities for growth. As a facilitator, he is engaging, knowledgeable, and professional. Highly recommend!
Vince Yee
I have had the pleasure of seeing The Growth Coach Trevor Crunelle at multiple events and attending one of his online workshops. Trevor is always sharing very beneficial information to keep his clients moving forward as well as looking for ways to help others. His workshop was no different. He did a great job delivering and explaining the information in a easy to understand manner. In addition, he has a calm demeanor and is easy to work with. If you are looking for someone to help you grow and help you step up your business; contact The Growth Coach, see how he can help you, and get signed up for his next workshop!
Merridith Crowe
Trevor led our new and growing team through DISC. The conversation he facilitated truly helped our team gel, gain greater transparency and vulnerability with each other, and helped us gain insights into our individual and team strengths and growth areas. Trevor is a kind, encouraging, and authoritative facilitator.
Toni Freeman
Trevor facilitated an enjoyable, interactive DISC workshop for the team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lowcountry. He helped us identify our individual personalities and preferred communication styles. We were immediately able to apply the information that he provided in practical ways. I believe that this workshop further strengthened our team bond, and we are appreciative of the lessons that we learned from Trevor and each other. Many thanks!
Kravonda Forrest Simmons
Trevor’s Growth Coach Workshop was direct and informative! Upon completion I felt confident to implement the necessary changes that would assist in the progression of my business and brand!
Keith Driscoll
Trevor is great at presenting ideas to help change your professional behaviors in order to succeed at a higher level.
Jackie Trail Kohlhepp
Just attended Trevor Crunelle’s “Take the Next Step – Grow Your Business, Balance Your Life” workshop! A must-attend workshop for any business leader ready to dive into growth and manifest positive change for your business! Trevor, thank you for offering such great information.
Michael Tramantana
Trevor was critical to launching my entrepreneurial business here in Charleston, SC. The methods I’ve learned using The Growth Coach have enabled my business to grow such that we’re now looking to hire our first resource. Five Stars!
Jonathan Crunelle
Trevor will take your team to the next level!
Rob Seay
I had the opportunity to attend one of Trevor’s first workshops. I found tremendous value in the information he shared and the insights gained from my interactions with him. Strongly encourage anyone looking to grow their business or themselves to consider using this program.
Sharon Sauro
I have taken a workshop given by Trevor on “Aim Higher, Grow your business and balance your life.” Fantastic presentation, workshop and engagement to help grow and improve our business. Highly recommend taking his workshop and coaching.
Steve Snyder
Made me stop and re-think my method of conducting business. I was doing too much. Planting new business seeds for later harvest. Thx GCL!
David Flores
I had the opportunity to participate in one of Trevor’s workshops a few weeks ago. Having started a “solopreneur” business in the past year, I experienced the ups and downs of “going for it” and self-doubt. Even though I miss having co-workers, I love what I’m building now. Unlocking the power of the right mindset has helped me ride more highs than lows on this exciting rollercoaster.

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