Recent Testimonials

Briana D'Alesandro
Trevor provides a personalized experience that emphasizes strengths. I never felt as if I was lacking or at a deficit when exploring opportunities for growth. As a facilitator, he is engaging, knowledgeable, and professional. Highly recommend!
Vince Yee
I have had the pleasure of seeing The Growth Coach Trevor Crunelle at multiple events and attending one of his online workshops. Trevor is always sharing very beneficial information to keep his clients moving forward as well as looking for ways to help others. His workshop was no different. He did a great job delivering and explaining the information in a easy to understand manner. In addition, he has a calm demeanor and is easy to work with. If you are looking for someone to help you grow and help you step up your business; contact The Growth Coach, see how he can help you, and get signed up for his next workshop!
Merridith Crowe
Trevor led our new and growing team through DISC. The conversation he facilitated truly helped our team gel, gain greater transparency and vulnerability with each other, and helped us gain insights into our individual and team strengths and growth areas. Trevor is a kind, encouraging, and authoritative facilitator.
Toni Freeman
Trevor facilitated an enjoyable, interactive DISC workshop for the team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lowcountry. He helped us identify our individual personalities and preferred communication styles. We were immediately able to apply the information that he provided in practical ways. I believe that this workshop further strengthened our team bond, and we are appreciative of the lessons that we learned from Trevor and each other. Many thanks!
Kravonda Forrest Simmons
Trevor’s Growth Coach Workshop was direct and informative! Upon completion I felt confident to implement the necessary changes that would assist in the progression of my business and brand!
Keith Driscoll
Trevor is great at presenting ideas to help change your professional behaviors in order to succeed at a higher level.
Jackie Trail Kohlhepp
Just attended Trevor Crunelle’s “Take the Next Step – Grow Your Business, Balance Your Life” workshop! A must-attend workshop for any business leader ready to dive into growth and manifest positive change for your business! Trevor, thank you for offering such great information.
Michael Tramantana
Trevor was critical to launching my entrepreneurial business here in Charleston, SC. The methods I’ve learned using The Growth Coach have enabled my business to grow such that we’re now looking to hire our first resource. Five Stars!
Jonathan Crunelle
Trevor will take your team to the next level!
Rob Seay
I had the opportunity to attend one of Trevor’s first workshops. I found tremendous value in the information he shared and the insights gained from my interactions with him. Strongly encourage anyone looking to grow their business or themselves to consider using this program.
Sharon Sauro
I have taken a workshop given by Trevor on “Aim Higher, Grow your business and balance your life.” Fantastic presentation, workshop and engagement to help grow and improve our business. Highly recommend taking his workshop and coaching.
Steve Snyder
Made me stop and re-think my method of conducting business. I was doing too much. Planting new business seeds for later harvest. Thx GCL!
David Flores
I had the opportunity to participate in one of Trevor’s workshops a few weeks ago. Having started a “solopreneur” business in the past year, I experienced the ups and downs of “going for it” and self-doubt. Even though I miss having co-workers, I love what I’m building now. Unlocking the power of the right mindset has helped me ride more highs than lows on this exciting rollercoaster.

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