07 Feb 2014

Learning to Break the Chains and Love Your Business Again

When you first open a new business, you’re passionate and excited. You have plans for what you’re going to sell, how you’re going to attract customers and how you’re going to grow the company for the first couple of years. But for all too many business owners, working six days a weeks and barely getting by quickly starts to feel like handcuffs. If you’ve fallen into that trap, it’s time to break the chains and learn to love your business again!

Here are a few tips to help you think – and act – like a CEO, which will help you take the first step toward OWNING a business instead of RUNNING a business.

Create Business Systems

Are you feeling out of control when you’re working in your business? Take a step back and consider whether or not you have adequate business systems in place. Business systems are an important part of creating a business that runs effectively. Many owners don’t know how to put together or re-create business systems. Operating a business without systems can easily make you feel trapped. Focus on ways to organize and delegate jobs within the business and get yourself out of the daily operations. Be a CEO instead of a Chief Everything Officer.

Be a Better Leader

Many business owners mistake leadership for doer-ship. Being a great leader does NOT mean being involved in every element of your business and micromanaging. You have to hire solid employees and trust them to do a great job. You can’t be a lone wolf and a great leader. Act like a business owner and use those newly created or retooled business systems to delegate and trusts others to help run your business.


Of course not all the jobs within your business can be delegated. There are certain things you want to do yourself. But remember that just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re actually accomplishing anything. You need to focus on working smarter rather than harder. Consider what you’re spending you’re time on and decide which tasks best deserve your energy.

Embrace Growing Complexities

As your business grows, so do the everyday demands. Things get more complex and complicated. Without strong leadership skills and business systems, these growing changes can be very stressful. Although this is part of any business’ general growing pains. The best solution for owners is to plan for growth and understand the evolving nature of your business.

Technical Tendencies

Even if you have all your business systems and leadership skills up and running in full force, you could still be setting yourself back by being too much of a technician. Most small business owners are former technicians and going from technician to entrepreneur can be tough. Break out of your comfort zone, leave the daily technical operations to your staff and spend your time being a CEO.

If these five tips don’t help you break the chains and feel less imprisoned by your business, then it’s time to consider working with one of our Growth Coaches. Set up a free consultation now: http://www.thegrowthcoach.com/Programs/TalkwithaCoach/tabid/389/Default.aspx

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