Recent Testimonials

Jim Bland
Owner - Senior Sales Consultant
Working with Jeff Myers as a sales manager was a pleasure. I was experienced in sales but was operating in a new industry and selling to a new market. He helped me in this transition through training, dissecting customer encounters and provided confidence and encouragement to establish challenging goals through coaching. In time, I outperformed full time salespeople and within my first year became the only part time sales person in the location’s history to reach President’s Club sales level earning a trip to Las Vegas. I’m glad I placed my bet on Jeff.
Kathy E.
Owner - Caring Transitions
Having Jeff as my growth coach was instrumental in helping me build my new business.  Jeff assisted me in identifying my long-term goals and setting short-term goals to get there.  He helped me to focus on tasks in my day that were critical to my success and taught me the value in “time blocking” my calendar to ensure those tasks were prioritized and completed before others.  His check-ins kept me accountable and on track for reaching my goals.  When I encountered challenges, he was a great listener and advisor.  I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone wanting to grow personally or professionally.

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