09 Jun 2011

Growth Coach Challenge – Use a Proven Process to Lose Weight or Gain Business Success

Whether people are trying to lose weight and keep it off or improve their businesses and personal lives, it takes a system and time.  Knowing what to do is never enough.  You need to consistently do what you know you should do.  There are no quick fixes or short-cuts.  No matter the desired change, people perform best when they set their own goals and are provided with a proven process, structure, discipline and on-going support and accountability to reach those goals.  We all reach higher levels of performance with a coach and a system … professional athletes and wise entrepreneurs alike.

What appears to be the most effective and sustainable weight loss program?  The undisputed winner for the last several years seems to be Weight Watchers.  Whether it’s Consumer Reports or the Journal of American Medical Association or other scientific studies, they all seem to agree that Weight Watchers is the best overall weight loss system … based on nutritional value, lower drop-out rates, and long-term weight loss effectiveness and maintenance.  The real question and valuable lesson to business owners is why?  What are their secrets and can we adopt and adapt them for other positive changes in our business and lives?  Of course we can !!

The three basic and powerful reasons for Weight Watchers’ success are: on-going coaching, accountability, and support Everything is an ongoing process … nothing is an event and nothing is for a limited time … their process is perpetual and truly changes how their clients think and behave.  You first need to change on the inside to get the external results you want.  As such, any lasting change (weight loss or business success) comes down to a proven process, a customized plan of action, face-to-face accountability, on-going support, and flexible implementation … again, a perpetual mindset and behavior-changing process.

Not surprisingly, these have been the very same cornerstones of The Growth Coach system for nearly two decades and why our several thousand small business clients each and every year also get such superior and sustainable results.  Our business coaching company provides a proven, on-going coaching and accountability process within a structured, supportive and mastermind environment.  In fact, many clients over the years have affectionately referred to The Growth Coach as Weight Watchers on steroids for business owners … simply because of the similarities of our programs and successful results.  After all, it’s not about just knowing what to do … it’s really about consistently doing what you know.  Our on-going system drives lasting transformation and massive action that gets superior results.

Like Weight Watchers, The Growth Coach has regular group coaching meetings that provide face-reality insights (similar to weigh-ins) and strong group encouragement and support from like-minded, goal-oriented individuals on a common mission.  In our case, it’s successful entrepreneurs wanting to achieve even greater business success and personal balance.  While our clients participate in the same coaching process, they each get to determine their own goals and leave every coaching session with a 100% customized action plan to implement as they wish … with real-life flexibility.  When they return, accountability awaits them and helps them to change their mindsets, behavior and habits over time … yielding real, sustainable and lasting success.

Comparable to Weight Watchers and their regular weigh-ins, our clients have an opportunity to assess and face reality about their business and life, accept the truth, and create a customized action plan to improve upon their situation.  After all, without truth, there is no real progress in life or business.  With the Growth Coach process, there is no room for denial, blaming or excuses … just the facts about what is working and what is not working in your business and personal life.  Again, it’s not problems that are your real problems.  It’s the fact that most business owners deny, dismiss or don’t stop to confront their problems and seize upon their opportunities.  With our proven coaching process, we ensure that happens every session.  While most Weight Watcher clients go weekly, the vast majority of The Growth Coach clients attend group coaching workshop sessions on a quarterly basis.  Some clients also engage our business coaching company for one-on-one monthly or weekly sessions for extra guidance, accountability and support.

Please understand, while I sure could stand to lose 5-10 pounds, I have not used Weight Watchers and have no vested interest in them.  But I know why they are so effective … now so do you.  After nearly two decades of coaching small business owners, I know with certainty that in order to change someone’s mindset, daily thinking, actions and habits, it takes time, a proven coaching process and on-going support and accountability.  So whether you are trying to lose weight or improve your business and life, without on-going support and accountability, you are kidding yourself … you will stay in your same old rut and comfort zone and very little will change. For your business and life to change, you first must change.

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