23 Jun 2011

Growth Coach Challenge – How Business Owners Can Re-Acquire the Fire

Unfortunately, after 2-5 years of launching and running a business, the reality is that we entrepreneurs tend to lose the emotional and motivational connection to our initial dreams and visions.  We hit a wall and get tired.  We get so busy working “in” the business and dealing with the “daily grind” that we lose sight of the big picture and our compelling vision.  In a real sense, we lose our way and get disconnected from the very WHY we started the business in the first place.  This can give us a bad dose of the “business owner blues”.

Navigating through a challenging economy, like the last 3 years, can sap our passion and energy at an even quicker pace.  Sadly, our original dreams of business ownership start to fade and sour as the realities of business management take over.  For some, without proper business coaching, the dream can even turn into a nightmare … having us feel overworked, overwhelmed and like prisoners to our business.  

Let’s be honest, the daily challenges and demands of running a business can mount and take a toll after a few years of “hitting it hard”, especially since very few of us were taught how to do it properly and effectively in the first place.  Very often, we are working hard, but not very smart.  As a result, the short-term “pains” of business ownership can almost eclipse the immense and long-term “pleasures” of business ownership, IF you let them.  But don’t … it does NOT have to be this way!

Don’t let anything or anyone, including yourself, deprive you of the incredible pleasure, privilege and wealth possibilities that come from being a strategic business owner … running a business right … no matter the economic times.  As your virtual Growth Coach, I challenge you to dream once again.  To re-acquire the fire for your business.  To reconnect with your WHY you went into business.  To fall in love with your business all over again.  Ready?

Here’s some essential business coachingIt’s imperative for you to remember and reconnect with WHY you went into business in the first place.  Re-establish your dreams in vivid Technicolor detail.  Then, hold tight to those dreams and emotional desires, especially during these crazy, uncertain times.  Your dreams and vision, like life jackets, will help sustain you during short-term hassles, headaches, fears, doubts, uncertainties and economic rough waters.

In fact, too many of you are needlessly riding the emotional roller coaster each and every day based on the ups and downs of your business, the economy, the stock market, Washington politics, and negative news.  Time to get off that unhealthy ride and get on board with the positive energy from your dreams and vision once again.  

For this Growth Coach Blog, I simply want to help you dust off your dreams.  To re-awaken your motivational feelings and desires.  To re-examine your initial start-up emotions and ideals.  To get you to adopt a long-term perspective once again.  To help you re-acquire the fire for your business.  Are you ready to be re-introduced to your dreams?  Let’s open that closed-door and say hello!

What was the initial purpose of your business?  Why did you want it to exist and bring it to life?  Why did you go into business in the first place?  Go back to the very beginning.  What was the spark?  What did you feel in your heart, gut, head and soul?  What were your emotions, desires and ideals?  What were you seeking to fulfill?  Accomplish?  Change?  Improve?  Be sure to get to the emotional root of your answers.  Did you want greater freedom, flexibility and free time?  To express your creativity and innovation?  To better serve a market and its customers?  Were you seeking more fun and fulfillment?  More money?  More security?  More adventure?  More time with your family and kids?  The pride from having a bigger house or more expensive possessions?  Did you seek greater independence and control?  More prestige?  To pursue a passion?  To serve and help others?  To bring an idea to life?  To re-awaken your spirit?  To make a difference?  To chart your own destiny and call the shots?  To prove others wrong?  To escape a bad boss or situation?  What were your reasons and desires for starting or buying your business?

For your sake, take 10 minutes and write them down.

Just a quick reminder … a business done right is to give you MORE LIFE, not less.  Hopefully your answers reflected that.  Also, a business is not an end, it’s a means to a better life for you, your family, your employees and customers.  A business is simply a vehicle for not only MORE LIFE for the owner, but more fulfillment, more financial success, more flexibility, more fun, more purpose, and more meaning as well.  A business should be a platform to better serve and help others.  Again, this business coach hopes you touched on some of those powerful reasons.

OK, time for some more business coachingLook at the answers to the important WHY questions.  Why did you go into business in the first place?  Why does your business even exist?  Now, take another 10 minutes to dive into and swim among those original ideals, dreams, desires and feelings once again.  Go for a total immersion.  Lose yourself in your initial passion and purpose.  No matter how many years you have been in business, you should still be able to reconnect with those emotional outcomes you deeply wanted.  Also, no matter the economic or political winds, you can still sail very effectively with those ideals and dreams keeping you afloat.  They should be as powerful and motivating as ever.  In fact, your dreams will provide you with some much needed perspective and balance to counteract all the negative news, political silly season, economic uncertainty and stock market gyrations.

Bottom line, a business is not an end itself but really a vehicle for a better, richer and more fulfilling lifestyle … to achieve certain feelings and goals.  Get familiar again with your original ideals, dreams, feelings and emotions you wanted from your business.  If you must be emotional about your business, you might as well make it positive and productive.  Fall in love with your business again.  Re-acquire the fire and dare to dream once again.   

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