Recent Testimonials

Andi Costello
Couve Living
David has a methodical and structured approach for helping businesses grow and evolve in all aspects of business. Through monthly strategic sessions and accountability check-ins, David helps with leadership, advertising and operations (to name a few) so a business can grow and prosper. David is truly a growth coach in all areas! Hang on as you are about to be making more money with David!
Kirstan Rogers
ROG3RS Realty
Smart people hire a coach. Geniuses hire David Yassa.

A coach is put in place to discover the perfect conditions for client development so that magic can happen and success blossoms. David Yassa, The Growth Coach Greater Portland, and quite possibly the most recognizable business coach in Oregon, pilots clients through effective systems, studying the client, getting a feel for where they are on their journey, revealing goals, and designing a roadmap to ultimate victory.

David creatively motivates those around him, minimizing self-doubt, and generating confidence with sincere enthusiasm. His unique talent helps discover a client’s untapped potential unlike any other business coach out there.
If you don’t want to settle, if mediocre is a word you don’t want in your vocabulary, if you want to be driven, held accountable, and pushed just a little outside your comfort zone to get to that next level of greatness, then make no mistake of hiring anyone other than David Yassa.

Jennifer George
Franchise Owner - Office Evolution
I have attended two of David’s workshops. As a business owner, he opened my eyes to things I should be prioritizing and putting less pressure on other tasks. The Growth Coach of Greater Portland is a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend him.
Dillon Garcia
General Manager - T.U. Automotive
David is amazing at what he does. He specializes in taking what you’re doing and getting you closer to your goals and dreams. We all have setbacks from time to time and a lot of us don’t have a mentor to look to, but if you’re looking for someone who is passionate about what they do, and has done it before, David is your guy. Thank you for your help my brother.
Remy Guyen
Owner - 503 Tires
David is AMAZING! He has so much experience and knowledge. It’s always a pleasure meeting and having discussions about business with him. I have learned so much from him already. Thank you David! Keep it up!
Angel Escamilla
District Sales Coordinator - AFLAC
David is an amazing business coach I highly recommend him!
Sharon H.
Agent - Norwex
David is very easy to talk with. He is able to read your personality from his past job experiences and work with you along those lines. He is full of information to help you succeed in your job, personal life and more. A personal coach for giving his all for you to accomplish your dreams.
William Pleau
Owner - William Pleau DC LLC
David is a truly inspired and passionate leader and business guide. He has helped me transform not only my practice but my way of thinking. He has taken me step-by-step through a very specific process of identifying, prioritizing, and laying out my personal and business goals and the strategies and tactics necessary for attaining those goals. It is because of his passion and enthusiasm that I am having more success than ever before in my 25-year career in manifesting my mission to help the people of my community. Thank you, my friend. You are truly gifted, and I am so lucky to be able to work with you!
Rebecca Van Diest
Owner - Van Diest Digital Solutions
David is a great business coach. Once you meet with him, you will understand that what he does is the perfect fit for him. He’s helped me understand what I should be doing to grow my business. He will also help you understand yourself more which helps in all areas of your life.
Virtual Partners NW
David truly cares about helping others succeed! He offers a lot of helpful information and resources to get you thinking outside the box for your small business. David challenges you but also provides the tools you need to meet those challenges. Give David a call today to see how he can help improve your business.
Lee Gochenour
Owner - Gochenour Photography
I highly recommend David Yassa and The Growth Coach greater Portland. This workshop really highlighted strategies and methods to help me recognize where I needed to adjust, improve, and even where things are going great. Definitely keep an eye out for his next workshop.
Peter Paskill
CEO - CareerMakers for Career Counseling
David is bright, savvy and a very caring person. David thinks and goes the extra mile. He really wants the best for his clients and I‘m sure will be very successful in coaching business.
Nathan Sosa
PI Attorney - Vames & Wang Injury Lawyers
David brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to his role as a business coach. He helps you to develop a comprehensive and multi-faceted plan for your business rather than just handing you slogans. He is an excellent resource for small and medium-sized businesses.

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