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Client - Emotional Intelligence Coaching
Cathy has brought me more self insight in a few weeks than I thought possible. I have a decently affected life from ADHD and prioritizing can straight paralyze when my routine is disrupted. She has been leading me down this path and she is really smart about it. She doesn’t lecture you to tears-she guides you to the skills and patiently waits for the dots to connect. I’m empowered by her mentorship and guidance. I feel safe with her during this very fascinating journey and I’ve already learned very important things to guide my success.
Customer Experience Leader
I have worked with Roberta in various capacities over the last 6 years. I have found her to be very good at perceiving the true needs of her clients through her coaching abilities. She provides excellent direction and accountability necessary to meet one’s goals and objectives. I have also found her to be easy going and can work with anyone, whether it be a highly driven executive or front-line employee.
L.I.F.E Coach
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Roberta for several years both as a coach and fellow iPEC alumnus. I find Roberta to be a fantastic coach! Her ability to quickly understand her clients’ needs speaks to her coaching intuition and listening skills. She has helped her clients find clarity in their vision and then coaches them to map out a plan of action to achieve them. Her approach and skill set helps her clients feel comfortable with the process they’ve created together and holds them accountable through mentoring sessions. Over my time working with Roberta, I’ve found that her business acumen to be spot on and her years of corporate experience and consulting work gives her the ability to quickly respond with great advice and direction.
I was impressed and I’m ready for the next session! I was able to participate in a group growth coach session recently and it was an eye opener for my business. this course was packed full of information that got our team motivated and prepared for real tangible growth. We are a new company with a desire to expand our business to multiple locations. Cathy and Roberta gave us the insights to know which steps to put in place first so that we can accomplish our goals quickly. Can’t wait to see what we do next! I definitely recommend these two coaches if you are ready to take your business to the next level. They’re exceptional!
These are the best coaches for your growing business in the Kansas City area. They do more than just give canned responses but go deep to help find and correct the business and personnel problems you face with your business. It’s time to step back and work on your business instead of constantly in your business.
Graphic Designer
Cathy is an incredibly savvy business coach and shares her years of experience helping both small and large businesses succeed. She made me realize how much my time management needed improving and her ideas have already made a huge difference in my day to day!
Business Owner
If you need someone experienced and caring to listen and support you in your business, then meet Cathy! She provides great guidance and free trial classes in strategic planning, time management and DISC personality assessment! Everything you need to be a better business owner/manager! Your company will benefit from her strategies!

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