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Brandon W.
B&B Enterprises
Andrew Million is a great guy that has you and your business in mind. He wants to see your business succeed and puts his time in to your business to make it grow. If you want to see successful growth in your business, give him a call – one of the coolest guys I have ever met!
L. Williamson
To any small business owner, I would highly recommend a conversation with Andy Million, even if you’re not sure if you need a coach. Above all else, Andy is an honest individual, so if he cannot help you, he’ll tell you. If he believes he can help you, hire him without hesitation. You will be glad you made the investment. Andy understands dollars and cents, but unlike the typical financial “expert,” he doesn’t view them in a vacuum. He understands the connection between a company’s financials, operations, and customer experience. He can explain which internal processes and decisions will influence the outcome, and how and why (and he explains it in plain English). If you are struggling to make that connection; if you’re having trouble translating your product or service to a successful, workable business model, or if you need an informed perspective on how to create a unique, market-differentiating customer experience, it is worth your time to speak with Andy.
S. McCullough
Andy has been a key leader in multiple international, billion dollar companies throughout his career with increasing responsibility. His passion for driving company profitability through revenue growth, expense management, and customer retention are extraordinary. He has an incredible work ethic that helps develop internal teams reach their potential along with providing financial analytics that are actionable and drives company results. Executive management and colleagues look for his guidance to review the data, interpret the information, and provide recommendations and clear plans to maximize shareholder wealth. His engaging personality, willingness to roll up his sleeves to meet demanding deadlines, and presentation skills are an example to all.
M. Williams
Andrew is one of the best people I have worked for and with. His numerous years spent recognizing how the customer thinks, why they cancel services, and why they stay with a company has proven his ability to enhance customer retention. He has created and implemented customer loyalty programs that have proven customer retention, thereby allowing continued revenue and saving the cost of having to win over new customers. Andrew also has a knack of identifying team talent. He has a keen eye for someone who is not only intelligent, but also has the personality and drive to succeed. I have been a part of Andrew’s team in the past and have worked with him recently on a team project. He definitely knows talent when he sees it, and he knows where to place that talent within a team setting. Finally, I believe it should be mentioned that Andrew’s experience has led him to know what objectives need to be met to drive results within an organization. He knows specific key metrics that need to be set that will help a company meet their intended goals. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who needs his services, especially if they are needing help retaining customers and creating programs that help meet business objectives.
Bob Duncan
I’ve worked with Andy Million directly for years, both while with Brinks/Broadview and through the merger with ADT. Andy brings a unique mix to the table with a strong passion for enhancing customer experience while maintaining fiscal responsibility for the stockholders. Andy’s skill set for those tasks requiring his personal attention are the strongest in our company. He is able to acquire data, analyze potential solutions from various perspectives and present excellent options to meet the challenges of managing a large customer base. He is rarely, if ever, wrong. Andy is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever worked with. As a leader, Andy provides strong, hands on guidance to his direct reports and always brings projects in on time, correct and under budget. His team members all hold his leadership style in high regard and enjoy working for him. I would strongly recommend Andy for any position requiring excellent management and leadership skills, the ability to analyze difficult, complex problems and to provide solutions that drive customer experience, retention and profitability.
Darin Anderson
Andy is a versatile manager who understands what it takes to drive Customer Experience. Over the years of working with him at Brink’s/Broadview, he was responsible for the VOC programs, Customer Communications, Interactive services, as well as Contact Center planning and Analysis. He was a valuable resource in providing the data and analysis that justified our customer centric policies at Brinks/Broadview.


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