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Terry Coyne
Vice Chairman - Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
Kurt uses his 30 plus years in the banking industry to now assist clients with business coaching and strategy. Kurt managed many different types of teams in various segments of the bank, giving him insight into coaching and managing individuals to large teams. His advice has given me unique perspective to my business, helping me be more productive for my clients.
Tracy Goss
President - Goss Reid Associates, Inc.
I am proud to announce that Kurt Treu, Cleveland Ohio, has officially been certified and licensed as a coach to deliver The Goss-Reid Winning Strategy™ Methodology. Kurt has 32 years of experience as a coach and leader in executive roles in the financial services industry. He is a passionate believer in transformational leadership and we have been working in partnership on client engagements for several years. Kurt is one of a select group of people in the world who is certified and licensed to deliver this proprietary methodology (on which my book, The Last Word on Power, is based) and I am excited that he will be spreading the word on the power of making the impossible happen.
Andrew Bennett
Co-Founder - KnowledgePost
I was fortunate enough to participate in one of Kurt’s workshops on unleashing my Winning Strategy. The workshop was both personally and professionally valuable and has given me the awareness and tools to better achieve my individual and organizational goals. Kurt’s facilitation and interpersonal skills made the workshop enjoyable and left the attendees eager for the next phase. For those looking to take their game to next level, have a new unique insight into themselves, and a desire to achieve the impossible, I would highly recommend working with Kurt.
T.L. Champion
Transformational Business Coach -
As the Executive Growth Coach, Kurt Treu shows professionals how to reinvent themselves by tapping into their Winning Strategies. He not only helps leaders to become more powerful, but he also shows them how, why and when they have (or will) hit a wall. It’s perfect for professionals who want to discover a new technique to grow through self-awareness. This system helps leaders solve many of the mysteries of life, both personally and professionally!
Kristy Hull
Managing Director - Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
I had the great opportunity to be part of a group that Kurt coached in a business environment. He took our team to new levels by teaching things about ourselves as a group and as individuals that we did not see or know. He pushed me in BOTH my work and personal life in ways that I didn’t think was possible. He changed me as a person, which in turn helped me in my business. He has a successful proven track record in the business world and uses those metrics to teach those in any industry to be successful. I would whole heartedly recommend Kurt to anyone, in any industry, who wants to take their business to the next level.
Mark James
Owner - Hearth and Home Shoppe
We’re pleased to report that my wife Connie and I apply the Strategic Mindset® process to our Fireplace and Outdoor Kitchen business, and that it works. Very well. This application is significant for several reasons: What we advocate as coaches for others to implement, we’ve actually implemented ourselves; We achieved buy-in from our team of 12 teammates, as outlined and strongly reinforced by Dan in his book, his CD and the Strategic Mindset® process; The Hearth and Home Teammates all helped us define our Core Values, our Vision, our Mission, and our Driving Principles; The  entire Team participates in our annual strategic planning retreats off-site, and it’s also a reward for them, to get away, to think, to be respected, to be paid while they make valuable input into the future of the business and their own careers. Through delegation as Dan recommends, the Team has written numerous procedures (in draft form, approved by the owners of course…). The Team understands why the business must be systematized, and they are “all over it”, as owners need not do all this themselves.  It’s impossible anyway. Accountability is the hardest part for the Team, but they all want to be held to ever-higher standards of performance, workspace appearance and organization.  As our clients’ testimonials articulate so well in our monthly e-letter, our personal experience with becoming a more Strategic Business Owner is life-changing. Finally, among all the various business coaches we know in greater Richmond, Connie and I are the only ones actually meeting a payroll in a non-coaching business. This requires me to be more careful in coaching retreats, when clients sometimes ask “how do you do it at Hearth and Home,” not to go there. Obviously it’s about them, and what’s best for them.


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Kurt Treu: Why I Became A Growth Coach
Kurt Treu: Why I Became A Growth Coach - vimeo Video

Why I Became A Growth Coach: Kurt discusses the opportunities and passion for helping business owners succeed.

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Transformation: Changing the Conversation (3 min Recap)
Kurt Treu speaks at BLISS 2016

Kurt Treu goes into detail about how he helps clients achieve success and balance through Transformational Thinking.

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Transformation: Changing the Conversation (Full Video)
Kurt Treu speaks at BLISS 2016

Kurt Treu goes into detail about how he helps clients achieve success and balance through Transformational Thinking.


Kurt Treu discusses the benefits of having a business coach and strategies behind career and business growth.


Mind Your Own Business – A Guide to Driving Sucess & Balancing Life

Join hosts, Josh and Mary Ellen on their maiden voyage as the discuss business coaching and life balance with Kurt Treu and Terry Coyne.

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